Clash in the cake on the Christmas special… 10,000 won VS 200,000 won


Before the Christmas special, the Christmas cake competition was on fire. The hotel industry offered a ‘premium competition’ with Christmas cakes costing over 200,000 won. The supermarket industry jumped into competition by launching ‘half price cakes’ with ‘cost performance’ at the forefront.

According to the distribution industry on the 3rd, Homeplus launched 8 types of Christmas cakes through the bakery brand ‘Mont Blaise’. In particular, 7 out of 8 types offer a 30% discount if you pre-order, and you can buy them for around 10,000 won.

Santa’s Red Hat Whipped Cream, Chocolate Cookie Cream with Santa, Golden Tree Tiramisu, and a Very Merry White Christmas.

At ‘E Bakery’ and ‘Bulangerie’, you can buy Shinsegae Food’s ‘Mini Bangppangduk Fresh Cream Cake’ for 9,980 won. It is topped with high-quality Seolhyang strawberries grown in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do, and chocolate in the shape of the popular duck character, ‘Pbangbangdeok’.

Convenience stores also took on a cake competition. GS25 presents four types of cupcakes: Dore Dore Strawberry Santa Cake, Dore Dore Milk Cloud Cake, Dolce Chocolate Longcake, and Blueberry Longcake.

7-Eleven has released a small cake for 1-2 people in collaboration with ‘Turtle Hip’, which is famous for customized cakes in Hongdae. The ‘Turtle Hip Ginger Man Mini cake’ with letters and the ‘Turtle Heapless Lunch Box Cake’ in a small lunch box are sold in limited quantities.

Meanwhile, the hotel industry is rolling out premium Christmas cakes one after the other. Chosun Palace and Seoul Shilla Hotel launched cakes priced at 250,000 won, the highest price this season.

Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel, Westin Chosun Seoul, JW Marriott Hotel, and Lotte Hotel presented the same cakes priced between 120,000 and 200,000 won.

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