Clash with a gang of methamphetamine-carrying gangs, shooting down, suicide officer 1, seized more than 4 million pills

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29 Dec 2021 5:42 a.m.

Hell drug gang smuggling methamphetamine from Mae Ai border Entering the area of ​​Fang District, Chiang Mai Province, the officers intercepted The gang opened fire with weapons of war. Officer 1 died, found 21 sacks converted into backpacks left in the forest beside the road. Inside, there were more than 4 million methamphetamine pills.

At 21.25 hours on December 28, 64, Pol.Maj. Gen. Piboonphan Sukhumanon, Senator of the Fang Police Station, led an investigative unit and a drug suppression unit. to arrest the smuggling of drugs from the border Entering the area of ​​Fang District, Chiang Mai Province, found a suspicious car driving from the route. Pong Hai Co. – Chotana Road therefore follow up Before being fired by the assailants using war weapons, resulting in Pol Maj. Gen. Phibunphan was shot and wounded Bullets hit the chest and legs. Rescuers had to rush to help, rushed to Fang Hospital and later died.

The officers who chased after the car of the culprit decided to shoot the tires to stop the car But the assailant refused to surrender and continued to drive away. before stopping the car on a hill that connects to a village Then throw the blue sack converted into a backpack on the side of the forest path. and left the car to escape

Initially, Pol. Lt. Col. Sanit Mala, Deputy Superintendent of Investigation, and Pol. Lt. Col. Krittapol Pradapphon, M.D., coordinated the 334 Commander-in-Chief of the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police. CCP has inspected the scene of the accident. 21 blue sacks converted into backpacks were found. An internal investigation revealed that approximately 4,190,000 methamphetamine pills were contained.

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