Clashes with police in central New York… 3 arrested for black death protesters

Protesters gathered in front of the LA police station also acted threateningly… Memphis Highway Service Suspended

Some protesters gathered in the center of New York clashed with the police to protest an incident in which the police beat a black driver to death in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

NBC reported on the 28th (local time) that the New York Police Department (NYPD) arrested three New Yorkers in connection with a violent protest in Times Square the previous night.

Candy Nicole, 25, who punched a police officer in the face during the protest, was charged with violence and hate crimes, while Argenis Rivera, 33, who jumped on a patrol car and smashed the windscreen, was charged with vandalism and other charges.

Previously, in Manhattan, New York, around 250 citizens gathered at Grand Central Station and Union Square to march to Times Square.

Traffic was stopped as protesters marched through the lanes, but nothing violent was observed apart from three people who were arrested by the police.

Some citizens carried signs with phrases such as ‘Let’s stop police violence’.

Clashes with police in central New York... 3 arrested for black death protesters

Protesters also clashed with police in Los Angeles.

Armed police were stationed in front of the LA Police Station in case of an emergency, such as the entry of protesters, but some protesters took threatening actions such as removing barricades and shaking police cars.

In Memphis, where a black driver was killed, nearby highways were temporarily blocked by protesters.

Previously, in Memphis, police officers who were in the middle of a traffic control group beat and killed a black driver, Tire Nichols (29), and a video containing the situation was released the day before, and social consensus has spread.

Because of this, concerns are also being raised that national protests could occur in the United States, such as when George Floyd, a black man, died in 2020 due to excessive restraint by the police.

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