Claudine Aditya Opens Up About Love and Healing After Breakup with Ploy Cherman: Revealing Likes for Both Women and Men, with Infidelity as the Deal-Breaker

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“Claudine” Opens Up About Love After Breakup With “Ploy Cherman”

In an exclusive interview, “Claudine” revealed details about her love life following the breakup with actress “Ploy Cherman.” After two months of healing, she confessed to having an attraction towards both women and men. However, the one thing she finds unacceptable in any relationship is infidelity.

For some time now, the former boyfriend of actress “Ploy Cherman,” known as “Claudine – Aditya Craig,” had been missing from the spotlight. However, recent reports suggest that he has started a new chapter in his love life.

On July 18, “Claudine Aditya” appeared on the GoyNattyDream YouTube Channel, where he openly discussed his romantic involvement with three girls named “Koi,” “Natty,” and “Dream.” The disclosure of these details was highly anticipated, with fans eager to learn about his love story and current life updates.

A Period of Recuperation

“Claudine” shared, “I took a break for two months and stayed at my parents’ house in Phuket, seeking a cure for my chaotic life. During that time, I struggled with disrupted sleep patterns, irregular eating habits, and constant overthinking. To reset myself, I opted for a detox camp, meditation, and yoga.”

Embracing Singledom

When asked about his relationship status, Claudine replied, “I want to remain single for as long as possible. Being single allows me to give my all to someone when I’m in a relationship. If I cannot give my all, I feel guilty. Therefore, I want to wait until I am emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared. I strive to be at my best before venturing into a new relationship. Should the right person come along, only time will tell.”

Incompatible with Infidelity

Claudine emphasized that infidelity is the most unacceptable aspect within a relationship. Being highly sensitive, Claudine eradicates any negativity that enters his life through hard work and personal growth. Having healed himself, he now stands strong.

Preference for Love

Regarding his preference for women or men, Claudine revealed, “Since childhood, I have displayed an inclination towards both girls and boys. However, it ultimately boils down to an individual’s character and energy. Communication is crucial for me, as I struggle in that area. Mutual preferences are significant, and if there is an attraction, I believe in expressing it openly.”

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“Claudine” opened up about love after breaking up with “Ploy Cherman” Healed for 2 months, revealing that she really likes women or men. The most unacceptable thing is cheating.

He is called missing for a long time. “Claudine – Aditya Craig” Ex-boyfriend of the actress “Play Cherman” After the news broke up for a while While the latest party has already started with a new love

Latest (18 Jul ’23) “Claudine Aditya” He came out to open on the list “How, where?” of 3 girls “Koi-Natty-Dream” via the GoyNattyDream YouTube Channel, revealing the love story that many people want to know. and updating life

by “Claudine” He said, “I went away to recuperate for 2 months and stayed at my parents’ house in Phuket. Because at the time I felt I couldn’t manage my own life as well as I should. not sleeping on time not eating on time thinking too much all the time So I want to go to a detox camp, meditation, yoga, something like that for 2 months so I can reset myself.”

Ask if you want to be in love now Claudine replied: “Now I think I want to be single for as long as possible. as much as being single because when we have a relationship with someone we would like to give them as much as we can. And if I couldn’t give it all I’d feel bad So I want to wait until I’m ready. Now I’m not ready, emotionally and mentally, physically. We want to be at our best before starting a relationship. But if it does We have to wait and see.”

“Claudine” also open to her opinion on love to the thing that is most unacceptable if it happens in a relationship that is “The most unacceptable thing in a relationship is infidelity Claudine is very sensitive. when something bad comes into life Claudine will go straight. it will be only hard work Then escape Claudine to heal herself. Now it’s back.”

in addition Claudine It was also revealed on the show do you really like women or men? In which he replied that “Since I was a child, I seem to have a tendency to like girls. But I like men too. It depends on what kind of person he is. His character and energy we can feel. and want someone who can communicate well with us Let’s talk about it. because we are not very good at communicating The important thing is that they have the same preferences. And he also said that if he likes someone, he will show it to him. And he’ll realize we like him.”

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