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Cleaning part-time to see BTS… Miracle for 14-year-old Down Syndrome fan

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Attend the concert on the 27th by invitation of Sofai Stadium
“Thank you for the great love”

BTS’ American fan Harrison Cancilla was invited to see a concert in Los Angeles at Sofai Stadium. /Photo = Sophie Stadium official Twitter

A 14-year-old American boy with Down’s syndrome, who was doing part-time work and fundraising because he wanted to go to a group BTS concert, was given a ticket as a surprise.

According to NBCLA broadcast in the United States on the 23rd (local time), Harrison Cancilla, a fan of BTS living in Los Angeles, received a free admission ticket to the LA concert as a gift from the venue.

Harrison, who suffers from Down syndrome, was a big fan of BTS. He started a part-time cleaning job to purchase tickets after hearing that BTS was holding a concert at Sofai Stadium in Los Angeles.

The concert received worldwide attention as the first concert held by BTS in about two years, which was not possible to hold an offline performance due to the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Finding an empty seat was ‘picking the stars in the sky’. The concert tickets sold through Ticketmaster, an American ticketing company, were sold out from the pre-sale for fan clubs. Resale (re-sell) tickets also had a premium, making it difficult to buy them willingly as their prices jumped. Earlier, a $15,338 (about 18.19 million won) resell ticket was released and drew attention.

The family also came out for Harrison, who eagerly looked forward to meeting with BTS. Harrison’s mother posted the story of her son on the donation site ‘Go Fund Me’ on the 18th to help pay for the insufficient ticket price.

After that, something miraculous happened. Upon hearing the news, Sofai Stadium decided to present a separate VIP ticket for Harrison. Sofai Stadium has selected Harrison as a special guest to commemorate its 1 millionth ticket sale since opening.

Harrison’s mother said, “The child worked really hard to see BTS. Thank you for the tremendous love.”

BTS will hold a concert ‘BTS Permission to Dance on Stage – LA’ at Sofai Stadium in Los Angeles on the 27th and 28th and on December 1-2. Harrison will be attending the show on the first day, November 27.

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