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“Clear false” Lee Dal-so-chu’s additional position on suspicion [전문]

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[이데일리 스타in 김현식 기자] Blockberry Creative again denied the allegations of abusing (school violence) surrounding Chu, a girl group member of the month, and announced legal action.

Blockberry Creative released an additional statement in the late afternoon on the 23rd, saying, “The information on the girl of the month spreading online is malicious and obviously false.” Meanwhile, on the 24th, he announced that he plans to sue netizens for defamation through a law firm.

Recently, on online, articles by netizens claiming to have suffered damages such as bullying due to Chew’s harassment and alien epilepsy in middle school have been controversial. In response, Blockberry Creative issued a statement once in the morning of this day and refuted that it was “a claim that contains different content from the facts”, but the controversy did not easily subside.

Blockberry Creative emphasized that it did its best to confirm the facts after going through an in-depth interview with Chu in an additional position. He asked, “Please refrain from disseminating speculative reports based on unconfirmed claims and reckless postings.”

The following is the full text of Blockberry Creative’s additional entrance statement.


This is Blockberry Creative.

We are pleased to announce our additional position on the contents related to the artist of the month, which is spreading online today (23rd).

Our company first encountered the dissemination of this month’s girl, and did our best to investigate the facts first.

After in-depth interviews with the member, as well as all the circumstances and situations that the agency can check, we will clearly state the following position.

Anything about the girl of the month online is malicious and obviously false.

Accordingly, it was determined that it was not possible to condone the indiscriminate spread of false information about the girl of the month of the artist, and to protect the artist, we are preparing a complaint for defamation caused by the spread of false information through the Law Firm on the 24th.

In addition, since malicious writings related to defamation that disseminate unfounded and false facts by mentioning the real name of the artist affiliated with it have been confirmed, we will secure evidence and take a strong response to the related distributors.

We also thank everyone who loves this month’s girl, and we promise to do our best to protect our artists.

Finally, please once again. We ask you to refrain from disseminating speculative reports and reckless postings based on unconfirmed claims.

Thank you.


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