Click on the clip: Dissection ideas for the design and decoration of the Chinese passenger plane C919.

China’s C919 design team designed the aircraft with a focus on energy efficiency. Improve flight efficiency, safety and comfort.

There are four mirrors on the nose of the aircraft to increase visibility while driving. The slim form also reduces air resistance. save fuel

There is also a design with tilted wingtips. Looks like a shark fin increasing flight efficiency

aircraft development team The C919 is also chosen to build the C919 aircraft, using aluminium-lithium alloys and composites or composites used in the aerospace industry. to help save more fuel

Recently, two C919 flights were arranged to fly from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Beijing International Airport for the media to experience the C919 up close.

The interior of the plane is about 2.25 meters high. The roof is designed in a curved shape. making the cabin look spacious There is also an overhead storage design that is easy to use. for a seat The width of the seat on both sides is 18 inches, while the middle seat is 18.5 inches wide, increasing the comfort for passengers.

The C919 was the first Chinese-made jet. By starting the project from the year 2007 was a significant step in the development of China’s large aerospace industry.
Recently, the Commercial Aircraft Company of China (COMAC), the developer of the C919 (C919) large passenger aircraft, revealed that the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Green light for type certification already on 29 September.

Receiving the above certificate indicates that this design of China’s first domestically produced large passenger jet has passed airworthiness standards and environmental requirements. This is an important milestone for entering the civil aviation market.

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