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Climate Change : Climate Chance : Change ourselves before we are changed / Weerasak Kowsurat

by news dir

because the natural process is very complex But humans are often led by passion to think that there is an evolution that can’t just keep up. but also able to manipulate the system of nature

Now even the leaders of the most advanced nations gathered together. acknowledge that the evolution that humanity has accumulated all not enough to keep them confident that How many generations will his grandchildren have inherited?

national leaders cannot be guaranteed to the population that the grandchildren of his people may live a life without poverty

The COP26 Conference (31 October-12 November 2021 in Glasgow) is about to begin. is another important meeting of world leaders to seriously talk about How do we take it? So it will not be inscribed by the next generation. Even seeing the last curve has arrived But people in this era do not turn the steering wheel. also heading straight to the edge of the abyss the deepest

In fact, world leaders travel to meet about global warming and climate change. greenhouse effect and various environments dozens of times

But this will be the first time. where leaders of all nations meet while still facing the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. that has not yet seen anything that it is going to pass Or does it ignore any area?

The arrogance of any technology therefore being in this atmosphere Unprecedented deterioration of confidence

Even if it is a nation that owns vaccine technology or nuclear technology or internet technology
No nation has yet completed a response to COVID-19.

almost don’t have to think The problem of global climate change has reached this critical stage. There will be a reassurance that it will take control.

This article is bound to help readers understand why the solution to this crisis for all of humanity How much courage does it take for our generation?

we are all of this era No matter what generation you are The chance of surviving being inscribed by history Together we drove down the abyss. Even if they can turn to avoid or brake in time

It’s true that we’re not the first generation who took the buses on this route.

But in every tragedy Hardly anyone asks. It started when someone was there. but will care when it ends And who was the last person holding the steering wheel before falling into the abyss?

Even though there are many news for us to read on the internet that Climate change has come, but I would like to try to communicate with the reader once. What it is, how it comes, and what do we have to do? to delay or even better stop it

Let’s start from the state of this world. before this problem arises.

The world’s greenhouse effect..

We learned from childhood that The Earth is wrapped in many layers of atmosphere. Can’t see with the naked eye But it does its job according to the complex system that nature provides to protect life on Earth.

The sun can send heat waves through all layers of the atmosphere. And the surface of the earth reflects some of the heat. retain some heat which is caused by the absorption of that heat by greenhouse gases with many types such as carbon dioxide and methane that exist naturally Greenhouse gases are responsible for keeping the Earth’s warmth in equilibrium. The weather and season are suitable for living organisms.

which the proportion of various greenhouse gases in the past atmosphere It’s pretty consistent, so the greenhouse effect has had its advantages for hundreds of billions of years.

When we have greenhouse gases or commonly referred to as Carbon dioxide is also possible because there is this kind of gas. in the largest quantity in the Earth’s atmosphere in sufficient quantities

But now, due to the increasing population of our world There are various activities for the development of the country want to produce electricity for us to use Want to use energy in the household, industry, as well as to use fuel in the transportation sector. produces a large amount of waste and wastewater Yes, we emit carbon dioxide. out into the atmosphere beyond the equilibrium

Heat trapped by greenhouse gases In the atmosphere is therefore more than it should be.

The result is like we sit in a car with the windows closed and turn off the air conditioner even at night. We will feel stuffy and uncomfortable.
And this discomfort will be present throughout the cabin, regardless of who sits in the front or back seat. will lie down or get up, Yong Yong I will feel uncomfortable and stuffy anyway.

The more if we sit together, many people will become more uncomfortable faster. And it’s more uncomfortable than sitting in an air-conditioned car alone.
Today, the world has a population of 7 billion people, not counting the livestock that we raise for consumption is more than wild animals.
This is the point, whether rich or poor. small or large population are under the same atmosphere because they are on the same star

The greenhouse effect is therefore a matter that must help maintain balance. not let any gas float up to too much or too little This is the origin of the name of the Thai public organization. so-called Greenhouse Gas Management Organization

And it’s because the world is getting hotter. Since the world entered the industrial age that humans have more and more intense fossil fuel burning activities So we started global warming, which we first noticed from the melting of ice at the peaks and poles. that it melted harder than before and melted longer than the season it used to be

It means that the world is warming, so the term global warming is used continually.

But after observing for a long time, I found that the area was not warmer. But it’s so cold that it’s snowing Even though there had never seen snow before.
Now people began to see images of Climate change or climate change

Then there was the danger of a severe storm. Long droughts, severe floods and rising sea levels More severe coastal erosion damaged agriculture affect people’s income Emerging disease, re-emergence

Later, people try to move the term to Climate Crisis or Climate Crisis. At Jab Noi, there is even an increase in the term “global turmoil”.

but in the Thai and of many countries We still call the state that we are discussing. Climate change or Climate Change next

Alright, let’s get to this line. The reader should be able to understand how each word has its origin.

Now let’s see if the word greenhouse gas That floating in the atmosphere, how does it come and how can we reduce it?

in science There are many greenhouse gases. But the main culprits that we can participate in reducing it are:

No. 1 Not because it’s particularly insidious. but because it accumulates in the Earth’s atmosphere the most is the carbon dioxide (from all types of combustion) This is a gas that we know quite well.

2nd place is methane gas (methane is the main component of biogas It occurs naturally through the anaerobic digestion of plant remains and animal remains deposited over a long period of time. Livestock is another important contributor to the rise of methane levels. Especially raising ruminants, such as cattle, buffaloes, which are grazing animals. methane This methane has the power to store heat in the atmosphere that is more deadly than carbon dioxide. 28 times the size! It also lives in the atmosphere for about 12 years.

Part 3 nitrous oxide or laughing gas Which humans often use during surgery, when doing dental work, to have anesthesia will not feel pain temporarily Many racers use this gas to increase engine power. But did you know that Up to 65% of this nitrous oxide is produced by agriculture because nitrogen fertilizers are used. industrial sector It emits about 20% of nitrous oxide from the production of some plastics. nylon line production Manufacturing of sulfuric acid, metal plating, making explosives and biodiesel production!!

Nitrous oxide can last in the atmosphere for about a hundred years.

Thankfully, nitrous oxide doesn’t accumulate much in the atmosphere. But we need to be careful because it can affect global warming more than carbon dioxide. with the same volume up to 265 times

Nitrous oxide is therefore the third culprit that we need to know. because if it floats to accumulate in the atmosphere Laughter gas will destroy us much faster than carbon dioxide.

Now, there’s another factor in global warming from the real industry. They include CFCs, which have been in refrigerants in air conditioners and refrigerators for a long time until recently being discontinued. according to the Montreal Protocol

But this category of CFC compounds can last for hundreds to three thousand years. And it was regulated under the Montreal Protocol because the CFC pushed it to create a hole in the ozone layer.

Therefore, as far as has been released Even because the manufacturers do not know the story It’s enough to destroy the balance. and it will continue to destroy as long as it does not decay with its age.

Someone once asked the same thing. So why isn’t carbon monoxide in the top 5 culprits in climate change? Although all vehicles In almost a hundred years around the world They’ve always been released, haven’t they?

Scientists explain Although carbon monoxide is very dangerous to human health. when it comes out of the exhaust pipe But when it meets the atmosphere in nature The oxygen will gradually mix in, and the result is that it will decay itself in a few months.

Therefore, it did not show much effect on the greenhouse effect. Like any other gas with a very long life span that ranks in the top 4 above in this article.

Article by Weerasak Kowsurat
Vice President of the Senate’s Natural Resources and Environment Committee


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