(Clip) Reveals the photo of the second throwing a bomb at a soldier of the Suranare Regimental Corps, killing 1 person while preventing the scene of teenagers fighting each other.

Sisaket – A video clip revealed the moment a grenade was thrown at a Suranare Army soldier, one died, while the officers went to stop the incident, a teenage girl in Phu Sing District, Sisaket Province, raised fighters at the Huai Tik Dam Chu Thai-Cambodian border A total of 14 people were arrested, including 7 adults and 7 teenagers.

Today (March 27), reporters reported that Here is a picture of the incident where police officers at the Phu Sing Police Station along with military officers from the 3rd Special Task Force, Suranare Forces, as well as officers from the Phu Sing Sor Sor District Volunteer District, are trying to stop the incident of teenagers. fighting each other on the Huai Tik Chu Dam, Huai Tik Chu Subdistrict, Phu Sing District, Sisaket Province, near the Thai-Cambodian border It appeared while the officers went to stop the incident and search for weapons and illegal things. There was a big fat man throwing a ping pong bomb at a military officer on duty. Causing wounded military personnel to fall. Officers took the wounded soldier to Phu Sing Hospital, but he later died. Knowing the name of the soldier who later died was Sergeant Sinsamut Siwakorn, a soldier under the Suranare Army. (Kor. Suranaree), while the group that caused the crime, the officers arrested a total of 14 people together and took them into custody at the Phu Sing Police Station for further investigation.

Mr Patchaya Khosuang, surname, 26, is a villager in one of the villages of Charat Sub-District, Buachet District, Surin Province, Get up to cool down and come together to sit and drink. There appears to be a group of approximately 7 teenagers of unknown origin. Come sit and drink with them too. and looked for him by throwing a bottle of drinks at him, but he escaped So, there was a fight. and later a policeman came to stop the incident They therefore hurried to disperse to escape. but he came to see the intercept police officer to be arrested by the authorities Regarding the reason for throwing a bomb also He did not know who threw the ping pong bomb that killed the soldiers. He apologized for the incident. and apologized to the family and relatives of the soldiers who died

Lieutenant Colonel Sompob Prakobphon, inspector of Phu Sing Police Station, said that this incident happened around 6:30 pm on March 26, 2023. Officers of Phu Sing Police Station Received a notification that a group of teenagers were fighting in together at the Huai Tik Chu Dam, Huai Tik Chu sub-district, Phu Sing district, thus mobilizing the staff. The police stop the incident After arriving at the van, they found that there were a large number of criminals. Therefore, a request for reinforcement was received from the military officers, Chor Chok 3 and Sor Sor Sor Phu Sing, while the officers went in to quell the incident and arrest the criminals. The criminals surrounded the officer’s car. The police, the officers have completely stopped the incident It appeared that a fat man had thrown a ping pong bomb at the group of officers on duty, causing Sgt. He was injured and died at Phu Sing Hospital.

The perpetrator group Authorities were able to arrest a total of 14 people, including 7 adults and 7 teenagers, all of them villagers in Otalun, Charat Sub-District, Buachet District, Surin Province, together with the objects which included knife, sparta, barbed iron, and ping pong bombs 3. Gas bullets, lead, gunpowder fell on the spot. The investigating officer therefore charged with the mutual killing of an officer while on duty attempting to kill the officer while on duty Possession of ammunition and explosives without permission which all accused denied So the accused was detained with the proceeds according to law


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