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The combination of Leonard and Ibaka who led the Raptors to the first victory is back

ESPN reported that Serge Ibaka has agreed to a two-year contract with the Clippers.

The Clippers have been deprived of their main players by rival teams, with Montrezl Harrell, who won the Sixth Man Award last season, moving to the Lakers and JaMychal Green, who was active as a rotation member, moving to the Nuggets. For that reason, the acquisition of Ibaka was one of the rebirths for the team whose inside team was thin.

Last season’s Ibaka, who was in the Raptors, played 55 games, scoring an average of 15.4 points, a career high, and recorded 8.2 rebounds and 1.4 assists. The success rate of middle-range shots is high, and the success rate of 3-point shots is 38.5%, which is a high probability, and is a representative of “Stretch 5” players who are useful in modern basketball. Last season, the average was 0.8 blocks, which was below 1.0 blocks for the first time, but the value as a rim protector is also high, with a career average of 2.1 blocks.

In addition, Ibaka, who has been the starting pitcher, has been appointed to the bench more often in the last two years, and all 11 games started on the bench in the playoffs last season. The use of the Clippers has not been clarified, but Ibaka’s presence is encouraging, especially as Harrell’s transfer threatens to reduce the score of bench players, and Ibaka continues to maintain stable stats with any use.

In the 2018-19 season, he contributed significantly to the Raptors’ first victory with Kawhi Leonard. Ibaka, who won the NBA, should also have a positive experience for the team that lost to the Nuggets from 3 wins and 1 loss in the playoffs last season.

There is no doubt that the team will be centered around Leonard and Paul George, but Ibaka, who can make a difference in both offense and defense, will greatly reduce the burden on the two and fully consider the possibility of becoming a “third man”. Be done.



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