[CLlC]Mr. Hiromitsu Ochiai “I wouldn’t do it” Commentary on Shohei Otani’s punt vs Italy-WBC 2023: Nikkan Sports

Mr. Hiromitsu Ochiai (taken on October 16, 2013)
  • Japan against Italy At the bottom of the 3rd inning Japan 1st base, Shohei Otani decides to hit a bunt before pitching (photo on March 16, 2011)

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Baseball critic Hiromitsu Ochiai (69) appeared on the TBS series “Sunday Morning” on the 19th. In the WBC quarter-final “Japan vs. Italy”, Shohei Otani (28), who unexpectedly scored a punt shot, said “I wouldn’t do it” and said “my style”.

Ohtani hit a safety bunt before pitching in the 3rd inning with 1 out on 1st base. Invited a bad throw and it became a hit, leading to the following four points.

When asked by Hiroshi Sekiguchi, who said excitedly, “Nobody could have imagined that. It’s going to go well,” replied Mr. He sighed indifferently, “If it were me, I wouldn’t do it.” “Because it cleans up. I usually think that. It’s one out, and if it’s first out, it’s second out, right? It’s an overlapping attack pattern because it happened to be was a mistake,” he said.

The record was a hit by Otani, not a mistake in Italy, so when Mr. Kiyoshi Nakahata (69) pointed out, “It’s not a mistake, it’s an infield hit,” he rephrased, “Is it an infield hit?” Then I’m out.” He also said, “It’s worth it because the back is connected. I think the back batter is more difficult.”

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