Close the legend of 40 years. Grandma Kee necks a ten-wheeled cable car. famous people in china children worry about safety

Close the legend of 40 years. Grandma Kee necks a ten-wheeled cable car. famous people in china Children worry about safety Have health problems repeatedly, forgetfully Remember to sell your beloved car.

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Prachinburi – On 19 September 65, because of the famous news in 2021, someone posted a photo clip on Facebook that found an elderly woman with a unique identity, wearing a cable car, driving ten wheels with a long head. with agility and dexterity Until the news media went down to make news until he became famous throughout the country. Today, the legendary truck driver Grandma Ki has announced the end of truck driving.

Because Grandma Kee is getting old and has memory problems. The children and relatives at home are concerned about safety. so he announced the sale of your grandmother’s trusty car And there are those who love and are fascinated with this model of car to buy.

Reporters traveled to Grandma Kee’s house. A legendary truck driver who used to be in the news. in Prachantakham District Prachinburi Province Meet Grandma Kee’s younger brother named Somkiat Phachirat Mr At the age of 66, the real brother who together bought a long tail truck that Grandma Ki drives regularly and this is her grandmother’s favorite car that has been used in her career to this day.

Mr Somkiat said his sister did not want to sell this car. But with the family and relatives meeting and discussing that I want to sell this car because my sister can drive but it’s not safe because the car is old and it will break and her sister’s memory is is quite difficult to remember. so we agreed to sell

which his sister agreed to sell But when people actually come to buy a car, when his sister sees it, he says he is not selling it. So it ended with his granddaughter bringing Grandma Kee home. and let the grandchildren who are publishers sell them. which is the nickname that people all over the country talked about as the ten wheeled cable car, he gave this nickname

As for the money she sold her sister’s car, she received 130,000 baht from her granddaughter, Nain Kee’s only daughter. have been given to be the caretaker of this amount which he gives to his sister every day for daily expenses As for the car, his sister would regularly complain about the car if she could find it. Because of his sister’s memory which often has a tendency to forget.

Miss Pantika Romance Aged 39, a girl said her mother’s name was Mrs Ratri Romasai 75 years old, who has been driving a truck for over 40 years So he consulted his uncle that he wanted to sell the car and let his mother rest at home.

After selling the car, he felt much more comfortable. because he was afraid that if the mother kept driving, she would cause an accident and be harmed Now she stays at home, sometimes cooks and waits and sleeps most of’ the time, and sometimes she likes to drive her motorbike out to collect vegetables to cook for herself and her relatives.

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