Close the mission for 34 hours. “Bass”, a crazy shooting instructor. Surrendered after 11 shots, threatened to burn himself

Having completed the 34 hour mission, he persuaded “Bass” to surrender himself after firing 11 shots, threatening to burn himself, his mother walked into the house to receive him in a police car The villagers clapped their hands’ n wild relief without bloodshed

The police spent a lot of time discussing persuasion. alternating with the sound of a gun coming from inside But not without trying to break the verbal tactics until Bass gradually weakened, sending good signals agreeing to disarm and took her mother to talk until finally agreeing to left the house with her mother She walked into the police car but was fine. The villagers clapped their hands wildly.

At 2:10 pm on May 13, 2023, Police Chief Pongphan Wongmaneethet, Chief of Police, Rayong Province, Pol. Col. Jirawat Saksri Wattana, Deputy Chief of Police, Rayong Province, Pol. Col. Weepong Kongkaew, Rayong Provincial Police Chief, together with police officers surrounding the area The incident occurred in Tha Pradu sub-district. Mueang Rayong District After the incident, a wild man shot a gun in the house. who has passed more than 30 hours and still cannot be arrested The police have assessed the situation hourly.

Intending to arrest Mr Phong Phuthanakun, a crazy young man who locked himself in his house for more than 30 hours, using snipers with investigators from Region 2 investigating Rayong Province and investigating Muang Rayong Police Station coming to power Along with having to negotiate with the criminals all the time. But from time to time the culprit shouted curses and said “ready to burn yourself”, saying that six bottles of petrol were at hand. Dragged the river to prepare in the lane with an archer

When Mr Bas fired the last 2 shots, the sound of the gun was loud. in which the ready policemen rushed in Along with the attack team, it took 30 minutes, and Mr Pong, the criminal, surrendered. with the mother to receive him The offender agreed to walk down. and walked out of the house Then the officer kept him in a van to keep him at the Rayong Provincial Police Station in order to carry out an investigation. In the middle of the loud applause the people waiting to win They were glad that the event ended well without shedding any blood.