Close the way up Pha Hua Sing. Officials make a barrier – put a sign forbidding tourists from going up to see the view – fresh news

Ending Pha Hua Sing Barrier staff It is forbidden to allow tourists to take their cars up to Pha Hua Sing Cliff. After netizens burned down, drove their car up and parked to see the view on the cliff.

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On May 15, 64, the reporter reported from the case. Facebook page “Chuan travel to Phu Thap Berk” posted pictures, pictures of a group of tourists And a white car parked on “Pha Hua Sing” located at Ban Noen Subdistrict, Lom Kao District, Phetchabun Province, which is a viewpoint where tourists often go up to observe nature. With the message that “Things that should not be done (dangerous) #Chef Pha Hua Sing # Here Phu Thap Boek “after the aforementioned picture Was posted out There were members to criticize. With such behavior as inappropriate And should not be deceived and imitated

Later, the reporter contacted the owner of the page. “Chuan travel to Phu Thap Berk” revealed that on that day He intends to go up and capture the atmosphere of what the weather is. How much rain or fog? Into the page Invite travel Phu Thap Berk So that members of the page Aware of the current weather, but was shocked when he saw a group of four people and a white car. Parked at the highest of Pha Hua Sing. Which is expected to be a tourist And such behavior is extremely inappropriate Because this point is considered a very dangerous point And the rain stopped. The road is quite slippery Space is limited And the most important thing around is the Abyss, if it falls, it will not survive.

Recently, the official of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Area Administration Office 11 (Phitsanulok) made a barrier prohibiting tourists from bringing their cars up. With no entry sign Before permission In order to prevent plagiarism And to prevent accidents permanently

But it is also argued that Do not enter before being allowed to mean that only vehicles are prohibited or the whole vehicle is prohibited. Because this point is now considered to be another check-in point that tourists visiting Phu Tub Berk like to take pictures. Which is now waiting for further clarification from the relevant officials


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