Close to boxing before the game! “Buakaw” faces “Yefimenko” “Sod, Yod, Kao” a furious RWS battle, a special fight to end the year on the Ratchadamnoen Stage.

Close to boxing before the game! “Buakaw” faces “Yefimenko” “Sod, Yod, Kao” a furious RWS battle, a special fight to end the year on the Ratchadamnoen Stage. A fearless fist from Ukraine Ready to crush the legend on Friday, December 9th

Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, November 30, 2022 – GSV held a press conference ready to blast the fun for boxing fans to win the year-end excitement. match with fighters from the war zone from Ukraine “Olexander Yefimenko”, a brutal new star, against the real Muay Thai legend “Buakaw Banchamek” in the Battle of Ratchadamnoen RWS World Series, ending the year 2022, going to the stage to face the challenge Close to giving up boxing before the day of the match itself. Vossanan Ratchadamnoen Ukraine must be proud On Friday, December 9th, Workpoint 23 will be broadcast live from 9:15 pm onwards.

Thienchai Phisitwutthinan Mr. CEO of Global Sport Ventures Co, Ltd or GSV, the organizer of the Thai boxing competition “Ratchadamnoen World Series RWS” revealed behind the scenes the 3rd special fight match for Buakaw Banchamek “Show the legendary skills of Muay Thai to at the end of the year. of Buakaw’s request “The next fight is going to be tough” after winning a fight against his old rival from Japan, Yoshihiro Sato, in a special boxing match last October.

By the way, GSV had to do a lot of homework in choosing a “heavy” opponent that Buakaw wanted. and summarize the answer to this magnificent star of the country of war “Olexander Yefimenko”, a young fighter of 21 years old from Ukraine, strong, strong, fit, with amazing skills This is the origin of the fight “Sod Yod Kao”, a special fight of a program Rajadamnern’s RWS World Series of boxing is a must-see for sports fans around the world. In this battle, there is a blink of an eye whether the fresh can crush the old or not.

The heat of “Sod, Yod, Kao” exploded from the start of the press conference. As soon as the two boxers faced each other on the Rajadamnern boxing ring for the media to capture the picture The atmosphere was so intense that it was almost fight time before the match itself due to the fitness and strength of both sides. Finally, Efimenko spoke. In this fight, he will make Ukraine proud. “I will make my country proud.”

At the press conference, Mr Thienchai said that GSV has started planning to renovate the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium with a new look with first-class stadium standards and has chosen a sports marketing strategy as a tool to create awareness of the new image, modern of muay thai combat sports Kickboxing and international standards Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium By using the promotion of the world’s great boxing competitions starting in July 2022 in the “Ratchadamnern World Series RWS” fight by opening the boxing arena to welcome skilled boxing athletes from all over the world

Every two months during the period of the RWS boxing program, there will be a big event, a special fight between “Buakaw Banchamek” and a world class opponent with an interesting story in an Exhibition Match format The event was organized under the sponsorship of the event. the National Sports Development Fund. The Sports Authority of Thailand and the KickBoxing Association of Thailand (KickBoxing Association of Thailand) in a special match, KAT PRESENTS THE LEGEND OF RAJADAMNERN, although it is an exhibition fight, but the athletic spirit is above all. Once you step on the competition stage, you have to go hard and put out all your weapons. All of Buakaw’s special exhibition fights have attracted a lot of attention from boxing fans around the world because they have seen a veteran of the game with Buakaw’s legendary experience and seriousness in every match.

Mr. Thienchai also said that the Ratchadamnoen RWS Boxing World Series has arranged a special fight for Buakaw in a number of fights 3. The terrain is different Please send the shining attention from all over the world to stop at the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium and Muay Thai. causing awareness of the good name and good image of Muay Thai sports spread widely There is a growing interest in combat sports from a new generation of spectators. Boxing has become a competitive game that is as enjoyable as the world’s major sports.

For this special fight, GSV is going hard with a cross-generational fighting game, a fight that rocked the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium. Because it is a clash between the veteran “Buakaw Banchamek” at the age of 40 and the freshness and strength “Olexander Yefimenko”, 21 years old from Ukraine, a young boxer Kickboxing and Muay Thai, many championship degrees and second best, the owner of the nickname “White Shark”, a brutal boxing style that guarantees that every fight will not break Meet the media before the competition because he will take every moment to keep himself fit and practice to the maximum .This work is “not pork” as Buakaw posted on the Banchamek Gym page, sending a signal to boxing fans not to underestimate the intensity of the ability of foreign boxers. This particular fight is considered “heavy” for both sides.

Not only this, GSV has also gone the extra mile to the next level by teaming up with experienced promoters. “Sia Boat” Camp Petchyindee Academy Organize two special fights to participate in the RWS program, sending two of the strongest star fighters “Petch Morakot”, the best boxing fighter with all the skills from Ubon Ratchathani Province One of the can leading Thai boxers who have proven by winning many boxing competitions domestically and internationally, and “Rittewada”, a talented boxer from Surin Province, produce good results inside and outside the country and abroad with skills that are difficult compare them He is boxing on the left, fully armed. Praew’s punching technique By organizing a fight with a world-class boxing fight are two other special fights that will increase the excitement of sports fans to cheer each other on. Guaranteed not to disappoint the audience.

Can’t miss a special match to the third power that boxing fans will be able to win from the first moment. This Friday, December 9th, book tickets at and watch the RWS Rajadamnern World Series boxing match every Friday on Workpoint channel 23 from 9:15 pm onwards.

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