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Close on-site support to resolve barriers to exporting companies

in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-doExport site support group‘4A tea conference held

Chosen as the target of support for logistics costs, the biggest difficulty in exporting companies(approximately 30billions of dollars)

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(Minister: Changyang Lee)’Export site support groupmoney ’22year 10month 5Work(number) At the Chungcheong Regional Headquarters of the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do. 4tea partycast to hold, Efforts have been made to resolve export difficulties by companies..

< Export site support group 4Overview of the Tea Conference >

(date/Place)10month 5Work(number) 14:00, Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, Chungcheong Regional Headquarters Industrial Complex Corporation

(composition) Trade Policy Officer, KOTRA, Trade Insurance Corporation, Industrial Complex Corporation, trade association, Small and Medium Enterprises Corporation, etc.

(participating companies) Export company in Cheonan area 7a dogcompany

Eco pine(poly chips), Hanseo Precision(special vehicle), SIC tube(Automotive Parts), Gwangseong Steel Pipe Industry(Steel pipe drawn in detail), New and New(makeup), Hitachi Energy Korea(Transformers), Genie’s(water ionizer)

yes Export field support group 9Daegu every week from Monday, wangju, Visit major industrial complexes across the country including ChangwonWe hold a meeting for export companies.,

yes By the end of the year, not only large industrial centers no, Ongoing visits to companies and logistics sitesWe will continue to push for solutions to business difficulties..

this time 4The tea meeting was held in a company near Cheonan. 7The company participated, the companies Request support for difficulties in logistics and operating funds due to the recent increase in exchange rates and raw material priceshe did.

yes In this regard, the export field support group Export specialist consultation offer, export vouchers, etc. Marketing Support, Expand the trade finance support target and raise the limitIt was decided to try to solve the company’s difficulties through.

so far 3through a series of meetings logistic companies, marketing, certification, Export consulting, regulation, Export finance, etc. 33raise a complainthe did,

ㅇ Organizations related to export 21about the matter Additional interview and room on sitedoor Details via etc. identify the difficultiesdo, We work to resolve difficulties by assigning dedicated staff.,

yes Regarding the difficulties raised at the meeting, 10month 6scheduled to open Export situation roomwill continue to rule in the future·plan to solveto be.

ㅇ On the other hand, Most companies are struggling distribution, Resolving difficulties such as authentication Weihai Ministry of Industry 120He won 100 million(distribution 90He won 100 million, certification 20He won 100 million*, Foreign Marketing 10He won 100 million**)second organizationSo 9month 14We are currently recruiting support companies., during this week 1Companies subject to in-car logistics support(approximately 30billions of dollars)it will be selectedto be.

* distribution, Apply for certification support(until exhausted): Export Voucher Home Page(

** Foreign Marketing(‘2022 Boomup Korea Export Conference‘, ‘ 22.12.1, COEX) application(10.710. 28(temporary)): KOTRA TRADE INVESTMENT24 home page(

attend the meeting that day Park Jae-young, Trade Policy Officermoney small and medium sized businesses in the area·medium sized company We will resolve the difficulties quickly so that we can increase exports even a little., Manage medium to long term difficulties until the endplanning to do,

yes The Government 10month 6Presided over by the head of the Japan Trade Negotiations Headquarters2Held a tea export status inspection meeting, public-private partnership Export situation roomBy opening the export site, hear your voice, difficulty will try to resolveHe said.

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