Closed with no one to work… Well-known restaurants eventually go out of business

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The recovery to everyday life begins, such as lifting the obligation to wear masks indoors, but the sighs of the restaurant industry do not stop. due to a shortage of manpower.

According to Yonhap News on the 25th, Mr Hwang (38), who runs a restaurant in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, recently put up a banner saying ‘Only open until the 26th’. It was quite a well-known restaurant in the neighborhood, to the extent that people had to stand in line every weekday lunch, but the business closed because they couldn’t find workers.

Mr. said Hwang, “Recently, I had a child, so I couldn’t find a person in a situation where I was in dire need of a hand.”

Mr. said Lee (59), who runs a pub in Sinchon, “When the distance was just up, it was difficult to find part-time workers because it was not clear if face-to-face classes would be held at the school. “It’s the same as back then,” he said.

Mr. said Lee that he plans to introduce a kiosk (unmanned ordering machine) to free up foreign workers who are employed because they don’t know when they will leave.

Mr. Han (68), who runs an itchy restaurant in Noryangjin, the number of employees from 8 to 5 before Corona 19. He explained, “Employees’ wages are still rising, so it’s burdensome even if I try to hire them .”

Recruitment in the restaurant industry is more serious than in other industries. According to the results of the ‘Business Labor Survey Second Half 2022’ by the Ministry of Employment and Labour, on 1 October last year, the labor shortage rate in the accommodation and restaurant industries was 5.3%. It is almost 2% higher than the labor shortage rate for the industry as a whole (3.4%). The workforce shortage rate refers to the ratio of the number of people in deficit to the total number of people currently employed plus the number of people in deficit.

Jin Young-gi, reporter [email protected]

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