Closing trading on the last day of year 64 Thai stocks +4.29 points. Keep an eye on the Omicron outbreak after the new year.

Closing the last day of trading in Thai stocks in 2021, adjusting +4.29 points Advise to keep an eye on the situation of the covid-19 virus epidemic Again, after the New Year’s holiday with a 4-day long holiday, it may affect investment next week. Evaluate the support at 1630 points and the resistance at 1660-1670 points.

The Thai stock market closed for trading on the last day of 2021, increased by +4.29 points or +0.26% to 1,657.62 points, net trading value of 74,535.61 million baht. Overall investment today, the Thai stock index moved in a narrow range. other Most of the day It rose the highest at 1,660.85 points and dropped as low as 1,652.37 points.

Today’s change in securities rose 692, unchanged 561, and down 841.

while trading volume classified by investor group found that foreign investors a net purchase of more than 3,563.00 million baht and a net buy account of more than 192.40 million baht. Domestic investors net sales of -2,554.20 million baht, institutional investors net sales of -1,201.20 million baht.

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities
1.DELTA trading value 3,991.42 million baht, closed at 412.00 baht, decreased by 2.00 baht.
2.GULF trading value 3,227.99 million baht, closed at 45.75 baht, increased 1.75 baht
3.GPSC, trading value 2,268.87 million baht, closed at 88.75 baht, an increase of 0.75 baht.
4.INTUCH trading value 2,101.02 million baht, closed at 80.25 baht, an increase of 2.25 baht.
5.KBANK trading value 1,987.98 million baht, closing at 142.00 baht, price unchanged.

The SET100 index closed at 2,265.16 points, an increase of 3.64 points, or 0.16%, the SET50 index closed at 990.75 points, an increase of 1.45 points, or 0.15%, and the mai market index closed at 582.13 points, an increase of 4.78 points, or 0.83%.

Ms. Theerada Chanyingyong, Director of Securities Analysis Department Phillip Securities (Thailand) said that the Thai stock market today fluctuates within a range of not far and some trading volumes before the long holiday. but still able to stand in the positive territory The overall picture is considered better than the international market. The Asian stock markets moved in both positive and negative territory. The European market was mostly negative this afternoon.

However, our home market is supported by foreign investors who bought net Thai stocks continuously at the end of the year. Part of this could be a shift in investments after Europe and the US face a large number of infected people with the spread of the coronavirus Omicron strain. Again after the New Year with a long holiday of 4 days.

Investment prospects next week into the year of 65 Ms. Theerada said the market should be able to stand up if the Covid-19 epidemic in the country is not more severe with recommendations to monitor global inflation and the crisis in Ukraine where Russia is preparing for an invasion. But most recently, the US joined the discussion circle. by assessing the support at 1630 points, while the resistance at 1660-1670 points



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