CLP distributed 100 yuan consumer coupons to 800,000 households, including 10,000 subdivided housing households

[ Eastnet News]The two power companies have been approved by the government to increase electricity tariffs this year. In order to relieve the pressure on the public from electricity tariffs, China Electric Power Co., Ltd. has launched a number of support programs. CLP said today (24th) that it allocated HK$80 million through the “CLP Community Energy Conservation Fund” for the second time to nearly 800,000 low-power residential, elderly, and other eligible households, including 10,000 subdivided housing Each household will send out consumer coupons worth HK$100, which can be used at designated retail stores and restaurants before June 30.

CLP refers to 800,000 beneficiary households, including 10,000 subdivided households, with an average electricity consumption of no more than 500 kWh living in the power supply area of ​​CLP. By the end of January this year, through mail and community partners, you can get 2 consumer coupons of HK$50 each. The beneficiary families can go to the 2,800 participating stores, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, electrical stores, pharmacies, laundries and hairdressers. etc. to use.

CLP distributed consumer coupons last year, and this is the second time this year. In addition, CLP has spent about HK$2.5 billion this year to freeze basic electricity prices, provide two special rebates, and launch a number of community support programs to help those in need, including this consumer coupon program, and will give electronic gifts to students in need. learning equipment, etc.

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