Club director PT Prachuap said he could only play this. terminates the contract entirely

On November 30, 2022, the movement of the Thai Football League 1 season 2022-23, the last match, the first leg on November 27 at Sam Ao Stadium, where “to death” PT Prachuap FC opens the house of “Emerald Chariot” Lampang FC 1-1, divided by 1 point per team.

After the match, Yutthachai Priyawatee, PT Prachuap club director, expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the players in the team. by commenting on the club page Ready to threaten if they can play like this they will terminate the contract altogether

Yutachai Priyawatee said that “Just watching the World Cup.. Not committed to the club at all, just playing this.. cancel the contract completely And you guys can only play like this, I feel pity for the fans. After that, there were football fans against the destroyer. Have come to express many opinions, such as

– It’s a very tiring day after watching football Keep fighting.

– Exhausted, sometimes when Lampang objected, he returned quickly. I want Lampang to shoot and let it go into the net at the same time. Playing like this is tiring.

– The real thing has arrived. I really can’t stand it. I have never seen a comment like this, probably already full.

– I agree, brother. If you don’t have the heart, let it go. It’s better than playing and eating paycheck to paycheck. I don’t care about our home state at all.

– Cheerleaders feel very sorry for the secretary and the prime minister, giving everything. The financial reward for eating in the team is better than many other teams, but the footballers have no discipline, they don’t love their career, they are addicted to eating and traveling (many people have been see says).

– Found the plums still can’t win. Consider yourself a football player.

Photo courtesy: PT Prachuap FC

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