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Clubhouse’s 3.8 billion phone number stolen user’s address book contacts are also “recruited”-Hong Kong unwire.hk

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Clubhouse became popular in the early years, but suddenly fell silent. Recently, news broke that Clubhouse was hacked and stolen 3.8 billion sets of Clubhouse user phone numbers and sold them online. And it also includes the contact list of the user’s mobile phone address book, so even if you don’t use it, you still have a chance to “success”.

Recently, online security expert Marc Ruef reported on Twitter that there areHackers stole 3.8 billion phone numbers from Clubhouse’s database and sold them on the black market through the higher the price. The 3.8 billion phone numbers include not only the personal numbers of registered users, but also the phone numbers synchronized to the application in the user’s mobile phone address book, which means that even if Clubhouse has not been installed and registered, there is a chance that hackers may obtain information. In order to prove the authenticity of the information in the hands of the hackers, they even disclosed more than 83.5 million phone numbers belonging to Japanese users to buyers who intend to buy for verification.

Clubhouse users are required to register with their mobile phone number. After that, the user will be asked if they agree to synchronize the contact list in the mobile phone address book. Contacts added by the user after registration will also be automatically updated to the Clubhouse database. Therefore, even if you have not registered or used Clubhouse, if you have friends around you, you have a high chance of falling into the 3.8 billion sets of phone numbers stolen this time.

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