Clydesdale's horse, a two-hour rescue at Delaware City firefighters, died


People like Bubba are harvested from rough
Delaware City Fire Company, Jerry Habraken / The News Journal, Delaware News Journal

The Clydesdale Bubba died on Wednesday, but days after the Delaware City firefighters saved the horse in a frozen marsh and then helped make it stable.

Due to internal injuries suffering from the second rescue, the quarters of the Quarters Quest Farm must be described as 2,000 pounds, said owner Pam Collacchi.

Bubba's fire winners met the first time and was stuck in a frozen and weak city on Sundays. With Clydesdale employing 1 ton in the Dragon Run Creek, local firefighters need to alleviate.

The Big Animal Rescue Team in Kent County has been too successful to come, so they have been successful in pulling it out of their supplies: Ford F-350, rainbags and fire hoses.

"We probably did not do what we should have," said the Wally Poppe with the News Journal, "but the horse did not destroy my watch."

The members of the Delaware City Fire Company rescue a horse named Bubba from the thick scarf at Dragon Run Creek on Sundays. (Photo: Delaware City Fire Company)

Most 8 year old Chlítesdale needed a lot of relaxation and heat when it was underwater in ice for about 45 minutes, so he said he was relaxing in her stall, Collacchi said.

The next morning, he joined himself in the corner of the stall and could not stand up. Bubba was stuck on his side when fire drivers helped roll and push off the stable corner.

Collacchi kept an indigenous look on Bubba throughout Monday and said he was returning well, eating, drinking and walking around the tree.

However, on Tuesday, he was back on the ground and he was not able to come up.

The circular said to Collacchi that the horse had no feeling in his road leg, and even if they could stand Bubba, he would suffer lungs and other damage from being on his lifetime.

"It's a heavy heart that we have to make the decision difficult to put Bubba down," Collacchi said. "We are delighted to have Bubba been in our lives and we wish his walk to heavenly heaven only."

Cooperwort Farm is a lesson farm, so riders ride horses. Bubba loved, and he liked visitors, Collacchi said.

It was the first winter on the farm, and Collacchi said he had a girl already known as a horse called Sunshine. Your favorite snacks included apples, carrots and peppers.

Main Poppe stated that Clydesdale's meeting was happy with his experience of himself and his company.

First responders discussed the creation of New Castle's Rescue Team in Newcastle County after the Bubba water rescue.


How rescued 2,000 pounds of firefighters from Clydesdale from frozen marsh

Bubba the Clydesdale saved from rough

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