CNG drivers will take stand at BRTA office on Sunday

Last in 2015, the government fixed the fare of CNG autorickshaws per kilometer. After that, the fuel gas price of CNG autorickshaws has increased gradually. Besides, the price of daily necessities has increased. Even the owners of CNG autorickshaws take deposit money at a much higher rate than the rate fixed by the government. Due to these reasons, the drivers demand that they drive contractual autorickshaws instead of going to the meter.

Besides, the drivers have to suffer lawsuits and harassment while driving on the road. CNG autorickshaw drivers will present a memorandum to the chairman of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) office in Banani on Sunday afternoon to stop all types of meter cases until the meters are updated.

Member Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan CNG Autorickshaw Drivers Oikya Parishad confirmed the matter to Jago News on Saturday (September 9). Golap Hossain Siddiqui.

He said, ‘I bargain with the passenger. Go to the agreement. But the traffic police is giving us a case of 2 thousand rupees. I expect an assurance from BRTA chairman to solve this problem tomorrow. We will remain at the BRTA office in Banani until further notice. We have one point, one demand. There is no more alternative talk, no more discussion.’

Golap Hossain Siddiqui also said, “Whether the fare is increased per kilometer or not, it is up to BRTA.” But till the fare is updated we have to give a written assurance that the meter case is closed for the time being. Because traffic police can’t do anything outside of BRTA law. The traffic sergeants told us – we will continue to file the case until BRTA says no.’

He said, ‘In 2015, the fare per kilometer was set at Tk 24. After that, the price of gas increased several times. Gas prices vary by meter. The product price is also very high. CNG deposit in garage is Tk 900, but owners take Tk 1,200 to Tk 1,500. As a result, drivers do not want to go to the meter. We have written to BRTA several times in this regard.’


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