“Coach Aon” Tero Police looked at playing for 120 minutes, thinking of two angles before the Ratchaburi contest.


“Coach Aon” Rangsan Wiwatchaichok, the coach of Police Tero FC, opened his heart after the FA Cup round of 16 team in Police Tero opened the house to beat Sisaket United on penalties with a total score of 7-6. Always on time 1-1

“It’s uncomfortable. It has to be extra time too. To be honest, we ourselves want to finish in 90 minutes, but Sisaket did a good job today. puts us in a difficult position Until we have to go to extra time and shootout”

“Actually, I can think of two angles. Now the players are probably exhausted playing 120 minutes before meeting Ratchaburi. The other side is positive energy. We have to double up to show that we have played 120 minutes, but we are still playing at home. Ratchaburi meeting that has been waiting full Let’s wait and see if we can cross over or not. I still believe we will play 120 minutes even today, but we will fight. and refused to drop Ratchaburi Let’s take the points out of here easily, of course.”

“Thank you very much to the supporters who came to help cheer him up today. There are some moments that fans are uncomfortable with. it may not be as expected I think we meet Sisaket, but the youth, with the team starting to injure players and need to find replacements I would like to help follow and encourage my players on Sunday to cheer up and encourage my team a lot because everyone is tired But I want encouragement.”

For the next match of Police Tero FC, there is an open house queue for the visit of Ratchaburi FC at Bunyachinda Stadium on February 12, 2023 at 5:30 pm

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