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Coach Bae leads Payak through the mud to divide the points at Ranong United

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Coach Bae Pairote Bowonwattanadilok, the head coach of Chiang Mai FC, led the Phayak Lanna team through the mud to divide the points from Grand Andaman Ranong United in a juicy style! “Weljko” took the lead early in the game before being drawn. In the first half of the stoppage time, the game ended with a 1-1 draw. The points were divided. Lamphun Warrior Sunday 17 Oct.

On October 13, 64, Chiang Mai FC entered the Thai League 2 battle field for the 8th match with a visit. Grand Andaman Ranong United at Ranong Provincial Stadium in a muddy field After the rain continued throughout the week, in which this game, Chiang Mai FC adjusted the army quite well, with Medej Sarayuth Phisai released from the flat back to wear the captain’s armband while Kiatisak Nuntavichienrit, Netitorn Inthanon, Sumeth Saenbut and Watcharin Nuengprakaew Started all real

The game started for 5 minutes, Chiang Mai FC took up the game, attacked for free kick on the right side, Dej Sarayuth Phisai threw to the second post, the defender of the local defenders cleared without missing Weljko Filipovich followed to collect and decorate to the right. Before a single smash disappears into the bottom of the net, Chiang Mai FC leads 1-0 and is the second goal in the season of the subject as well. Then the two teams wade through the mud with a fun throwing ball. Until the 45+3 minute, Ranong took a kick on the left side. CARLOS DAMIAN DOS SANTOS PUENTES posted it back to Janerong Phupha. Equalized for the home team to 1-1 and the first half ended with this score.

In the second half, both teams still wade through the mud. and throwing the ball towards each other until both of them cannot play on the ground Finish the game with a score of 1-1, the next match in the Thai League 2, Chiang Mai FC will enter the field for the 9th match with the opening of the Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium for the “Ping Derby Match” battle. Visit of the Lamphun Warrior on Sunday, October 17, 64 at 19:00, broadcast live on AIS Play, which will begin to open to audiences in the field 25% after being officially approved by the Prof. . It will be in the part of the yearly ticket members who have visited first. and football fans can watch the highlights of the match and news of the movement “Tiger Lanna” has all the official social media of Chiang Mai FC.

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