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‘Coach Bear’ insists Thai futsal must only win Solomon

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‘Coach Bear’ insists Thai futsal must only win Solomon

The Thai national futsal team has practiced at the field to prepare for the match against the Solomon Islands. In the 2021 Futsal World Championship, Group C, third match, 19 September 2021 time 22.00 (Thai time at the Salgiris Kaunas Arena, Lithuania Live broadcast on PPTV36 channel

After training, “Coach Bear” Mr. Rakphon Sainet Ngam, head coach, said that for the game against the Solomon Islands. The only condition is that three points must be collected. Now it’s training to get ready for this game. which method to use If we play according to standards And in our form should be able to pass. One thing is that we have to be disciplined. and concentrate on playing because he has big players and many strong The offensive game had to be quick against Solomon.

Part of the player Coach Bear said: No one is injured now. Suphawut Thuanklang has a slight strain at the moment. Regarding the tactics of playing in the Futsal World, I want to attack, but sometimes there will be a lot of space for him to attack. because in the futsal world If the game is bad and to squeeze the ball in the top area not moving well Might lose the ball and get counterattacked. we have to be tight The last game, we will try to open up the offensive game. But also have to look at the rhythm and his method How to prepare to cope with us

On the side of Col. (Special) Dr. Paisan Chantrapitak, a team doctor, said that the situation in Lithuania right now There weren’t many outbreaks. but the rigor to enter various places We have to show the vaccination certificate. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the places.

“For athletes and officials There’s a requirement that we have to test for covids for 3-5 days. We’ve been tested 3 times now, not including match days. It must be inspected before every race. It is a measure that the host has put in place. Now, no one has any positive results. and believe that we will not have this problem But we have to be careful with both athletes and staff,” Dr Paisan said.

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