“Coach Caesar” admits that the players still have some fatigue, but they are improving accordingly.

“Lek War Elephants” to practice the first time in Kuwait “Coach Caesar” received the players still have some fatigue, but improved accordingly. As for the practice field, I’m not worried, although it’s still a different kind of competition.

On September 24, 2022, at 2:00 pm local time, Carlos Cesar, the head coach, led the army of 14 “war elephants, small table” of the Thai national futsal team. Down to practice the first meal at Al-Shaheed Hall stadium, which is a parquet field. Different from the one used in the real competition. that is synthetic rubber in the middle of the weather outside the field at 40 degrees

This training period lasts 2 hours. The head coach of the Thai national team focuses on the rhythm of movement to the finishing stroke. The two half-fields and the full-field By still emphasizing the team to avoid contact to save the body.

After training, said Carlos Cesar, head coach of the Thai national team. “The start of training was quite uncomfortable, there were some difficulties because it was the first meal after the trip and the players were still tired. But after practicing for a while, he improved accordingly.”

“At the moment we only have two more training sessions before going into the tournament in the first leg. Try to focus on density, resolution, passability and fine detail to minimize errors.”

“As for the ground in this practice, even if it is a parquet floor that is not a real competition area, we cannot do anything and don’t worry too much. Tell the players that they will try to save their bodies, if not necessary they should avoid contact. Because in the last two tournaments we are already preparing to play on synthetic rubber floors.”

Thai national team program Practice on the field for the 25th of September at the Saad Al Abdullah Hall.

Regarding the AFC Futsal Asian Cup 2022 programme, the three group matches at the Saad Al Abdullah Hall Stadium will be broadcast live on eleven sports.
On September 27, 2022, the national team of Thailand meets the national team of Iraq at 21.00 (Thailand time).
On September 29, 2022, Thailand national team, Kuwait national team, at 11:55 pm (Thailand time)
On October 1, 2022, the national team of Thailand meets the national team of Oman at 21.00 (Thailand time).

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