“Coach Caesar” joins “Thailand national futsal team” players to prepare for Futsal Asia Cup 2022

Carlos Cesar, the Spanish national coach, led the “war elephants at a small table” army of the Thai national futsal team. battle preparation pack The Futsal Asian Cup 2022 in Kuwait between 27 September – 7 October has called the team back to practice again after completing the mission in Continental Futsal.

The training lasted a total of two hours, focusing on finishing styles and scoring drills. before finishing with a power play exercise

After the training, coach Cesar said: “The atmosphere of the first day after two days of rest, the players still look tired. In my heart, I want to enter the tournament mode that will come soon. The players will be alert. Regarding the issue of choosing the player to go As I said with 14 players in mind, today we have 17 players training to prepare in case of further injury. We still have time to edit the list until September 22, before leaving on September 23.”

“Right now, we have to focus on the first game against Iraq, who performed well during the warm-up, beating Lebanon 2-0 recently. However, we still believe in players who have Although we have new less experienced players, but everyone is determined. Now we need to improve the speed of the ball in the offensive game more quickly. As for the game, the reception is satisfactory. The aim is to try to go as far as possible.”

Asian Cup futsal group stage program at Sad Al Abdullah Hall Stadium
On September 27, 2022, the national team of Thailand meets the national team of Iraq at 21.00 (Thailand time).
On September 29, 2022, Thailand national team, Kuwait national team, at 11:55 pm (Thailand time)
On October 1, 2022, the national team of Thailand meets the national team of Oman at 21.00 (Thailand time).

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