Coach ‘confident’ Petrescu, “Di Mateo is calling me, I will win the ACL in two and a half years”

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Dan Petrescu, the new head coach of Jeonbuk Hyundai, explained the story behind the transfer, saying that he received an offer from technical advisor Roberto Di Matteo. He also expressed his will to win the AFC Champions League within 2 years and 6 months.

On the 9th, Jeonbuk informed fans about the appointment of Petrescu’s manager via social media. Coach Petrescu will visit Korea next week to complete the contracting process, and will begin his full career as Jeonbuk’s command tower, starting with an official press conference on the 14th.

Romanian media <가제타 스포르트툴러르>In retrospect, Petrescu seems to have felt a great attraction to Jeonbuk’s potential. Director Petrescu said, “I have been a leader in so many countries. It was also in China and Russia,” he said, “Di Matteo called me. My colleague Di Matteo, who I played with at Chelsea, is now Jeonbuk’s technical advisor,” he explained about the background of his recruitment.

After pointing out, “I played against Jeonbuk when I was in China,” he said, “I was surprised by Jeonbuk’s performance. Our goal is to win the AFC Champions League within two and a half years. It was something that could not be made in Europe.”

Coach Petrescu explained the situation in Jeonbuk, saying, “We have to win first, but the current team is 7th in the K-League.” After explaining the situation, “We are staying in Dubai at the moment. There will be a press conference on the 11th as we go to Seoul. The budget is bigger than any other team in Romania,” he said, emphasizing that he can run the team with strong support on his back.

Meanwhile, Jeonbuk plans to change its coaching staff in conjunction with the appointment of Petrescu.

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