Coach Halil Hodzic, who defeated Korea 4-2, “I got a call from Korea”

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In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Algeria led ‘Hong Myung-bo’ and defeated Korea

Former Morocco coach Vahid Halilhodzic (centre)


(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Dong-chan = The possibility of coach Vahid Halilhodzic (71, Bosnia), who gave the Korean national football team the ‘Brazilian nightmare’, takes over the Korean national team has be raised.

Nacional, a Croatian media, reported on the 29th in an article titled, ‘Will coach Halil Hodzic take over the Korean national team?’, “Coach Halil Hodzic has been named as a candidate for the team coaching job new national team from the Korean Football Association.”

Also, Radio Sarajevo, Bosnian media, reported that director Halil Hodzic said, “I received a call from Korea.”

Coach Halil Hodzic is a familiar name to domestic football fans.

This is because he was the manager of Algeria, who defeated Korea 4-2, which was led by Hong Myung-bo at the time, in the second leg of the 2014 World Cup group stage in Brazil.

Korea drew 1-1 with Russia in the first leg of the 2014 World Cup group stage in Brazil, and met Algeria in the second leg.

Belgium won 1-0 in the second match between Belgium and Russia before the match between Korea and Algeria, Should Korea defeat Algeria, Belgium would win 2 and Korea would win 1 and draw 1, raising hopes of move on to the round of 16. All.

However, Korea, who were unexpectedly beaten 2-4 by Algeria, received the worst result in the third match of the group stage, losing 0-1 to Belgium, where 10 players fought, with one player sent off from the field.

Algeria, led by coach Halilhodzic, showed an impressive performance by progressing to the round of 16 at the time and going to overtime against Germany.

Head coach Halil Hodzic, who led the Japanese national team in 2017
Head coach Halil Hodzic, who led the Japanese national team in 2017

[연합뉴스 자료사진]

In an interview with Radio Sarajevo, coach Halil Hodzic explained, “The phone call with Korea ended briefly,” and “There are many calls from the professional team.” This means it’s not just a South Korean offering.

After the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he was also mentioned as a candidate for the coach of the Korean national team, and his fiery personality is his trademark.

Even during his time as coach of Algeria, he had an uneasy relationship with society and reporters, and during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, he was the head coach of Côte d’Ivoire, but was sacked four months before the opening of the World Cup.

In addition, in April 2018, when he was leading the Japanese national team, he was informed of his dismissal with about two months left before the opening of the World Cup in Russia.

The majority of them were supposed to be at odds with the association, and when he was coach of Morocco, there was a conflict with the association regarding the appointment of Hakim Ziyasi and Nusayr Mazrwi.

With three months left before the opening of the World Cup, Morocco pulled out the ‘replace manager’ card and caused a surprise by reaching the semi-finals under the leadership of Walid Lakraki.

The Korea Football Association is looking for a successor to coach Paulo Bento, and through domestic and foreign media reports, Jose Bordalas (59, Spain), former coach of Valencia, Chichi (61, Brazil), former coach of Brazil , and Thorsten Fink (56 , Germany) Former Hamburg coaches are discussed.

On the other hand, on the same day, a media outlet in Uruguay announced that the Uruguay national football team’s A match schedule is set for March 20 in Korea and March 27 in Japan.

If this timetable is followed, there is a possibility that Uruguay will be the first opponent of Bento’s successor coach.

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