Coach head swim and dive Georgia Jack Bauerle season 2018-2019 and busy season | Sport

Coach head swim and dive Georgia Jack Bauerle season 2018-2019 and busy season | Sport

Jack Bauerle, head of swimming and diving head of the University of Georgia, has one of the most successful programs in the country. In her 40 years as the top coach of the women's team, they won seven NCAA Competitions.

However, this year did not perform well against the standards that Georgia and Bauerle are accustomed to as both men and women completed the 18th at the 2019 NCAA Championships.

The Red & Black took Bauerle to talk to him about the end of the season, a busy season, international recruitment and swimming.

The Red & Black: From last season – both teams finished the 18th at the NCAA Championships – if anything, what did you learn?

Jack Bauerle: We were not so deep, we will be better this year. It goes in cycles. I mean we were so blessed for a while and we were so deep. We'll be back again. You learn something when you are not as good as you think you should be or would like to be… Also we lost many Olympians, and not just Olympians, but winners. And suddenly we have to develop even more, because there were no Olympians when they came here. But, I also feel that the team learns that you are learning a little, and while we have a younger team in many things, I feel we will be better as a team.

R&B: For many years of experience, how did your approach change for the season?

JB: I suppose I had a season. In ason79 and back in the early 80s, there was no season there. This season for me is the most important thing in many things because we can do a lot more. The school is not so enthusiastic. During the school year, I would say that there are children who are training hard, but we have children who go to school hard… This is a big time. We have so much emphasis on international swimming, we now have the first or second biggest athlete in the US team. So the summer is great.

R&B: During the season, how do your swimmers focus?

JB: We don't think we have a season because the summer is so big. But, when they have a little break, I focus on looking after their bodies, eating well and then just try to take a few days out of it … Just be settled and relax a little because of these best swimmers, only two and a half weeks.

R&B: And your summers have a big thing recruiting you and your team? Is it easier to recruitcome to Georgia because of the rich history?

JB: We never stop more. It's always … I think history helps a lot and children will definitely start growing up in Georgia first. You know that it can be seen in the Olympics or on the NCAAs on television, but they are certainly the Olympics. I think that the program has immediate credibility.

R&B: You are in charge of the World Championships as an assistant coach and there is a lot of history, what keeps you back and keeps you motivated to continue training?

JB: Elite swim. Yes, it's fun. And want to be there for them [his swimmers from Georgia]. It's tough, over the years there has been a lot of time away from family. You know the Olympic Games whenever he was shy two months, several times 45 days. It's hard to deal with, but as a coach it's easy.

I thought I had done my last trip to be honest with you, then we put six children on the World Championship team, so it worked. Everything is good about except for the flight. Because we go from New York to Singapore that will take the longest flight you can take, it will be 18 hours.

R&B: Are there any particular players interested in growing them who are excited?

JB: Actually, Callie Dickinson says that it will be good for me. We have a couple freshwater man, I think, Bradley Dunham is also making a big impact. Kevin Miller as a long swimmer, Greg Reed, and I think Sammie Burchill and Danielle Della Torre. I think Olivia Carter will be incredibly amazing, along with Dakota Luther. I think a bunch of them is going to swim better. The other man is Jack Dalmolin who will be very good, and there are lots of as he has a good summer. If they don't have a good summer, then I'm not excited.


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