‘Coach Joe’ admits the hard-working ‘destroyer’ is conquering the ‘Lightning Castle’ nest, but still hopes for a point

‘Coach Joe’ admits the hard-working ‘destroyer’ is conquering the ‘Lightning Castle’ nest, but still hopes for a point

Movements before the football match Revo Thai League, season 2022/23, week 7 at Chang Arena Stadium, Buriram Province, “Thunder Castle” Buriram United, the deputy leader of the crowd, opens the house to meet “Tor Phithit” PT Prachuap FC team in 9th place for the destroyer, tripped 2 games in a row before breaking the national team, while the thunder castle came back to win And still can’t spell the word lose from the first 6 games

Before the match, “Coach Joe” Teerasak Phoon, the head coach of PT Prachuap FC, said about the readiness before the match that there are no more injured and suspended players, but this match we visit Buriram, we will uses Shin. Wat Wongchai and Chakkrit Laptrakul can’t get it because they are on a loan agreement.

Coach Joe also said after the first six games, the details of the game. We are in the form we have built from pre-season. We change players a lot. change the structure And the way of playing has changed. Let’s look at the results from the past. The image of the game is satisfactory. Just a game with a bad portal. But the rest we have the style of play that we can accept. and better direction

” In Buriram Going away is always difficult, especially without the two players we loaned. We have to find players to replace them. and find a way to play quality they are We try to search about weaknesses. trying to stop him We’ve had two weeks, we’ve met BG before and we’ve had a break, I think we’re ready for this game.”

Deathmatch coach said that We are not particularly focused on the players. Buriram, he has all the players of the national team. and there are quality foreigners If we close someone in particular It might not be a good plan We have to accept as a team. and more aggressive as a team There may be some tactics that cover their strengths. and he can focus on changing the situation which is his method

“If you go to Buriram and get 1 point, it’s considered a big point. We are focused here Football has a method We always respect Buriram We have a method. Getting points is considered satisfactory. This game has to travel a long way. Leave the football fans. If anyone is travelling, thank you very much. But if it’s not convenient, follow to cheer him up on TV. I will try to make the game fun for myself, the managers and the staff. And footballers work hard for all the fans.”

For the 2022/23 Revo Thai League season week 7 is as follows:

October 1, 2022
18.00 Nakhon Ratchasima, Mazda FC, meets Khon Kaen United, 80th Anniversary Stadium, PPTV 36, AIS Play
18.30 Tero Police FC meets Lamphun Warrior, Bunyachinda Stadium, AIS Play
19.00 Leo Chiang Rai United meets Sukhothai FC Stadium Leo Chiang Rai AIS Play
19.30 BG Pathum United meets Muangthong United BG AIS Play Stadium

October 2, 2022
17.30 Ratchaburi FC meets Lampang FC Dragon Solar Park AIS Play
18.00 Port FC meets True Bangkok United Pat Stadium PPTV 36, AIS Play
18.00 Chonburi FC meets Nong Bua Pitchaya FC Chonburi Stadium UTA TV5 HD1 Play AIS
19.00 Buriram United meets PT Prachuap FC Pitchaya Stadium AIS Play

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