Coach Nui points out his view of football cancels US contract as if cutting the future.

From the case of “Nan” United States Ratana Wichit, former Thai national team midfielder player Age under 18 of the Royal Navy Club The team in the Thai League 2, driving a Honda car The black HRV, registered B-5729, Rayong lost its balance, crashed into the back of the pickup truck until it slipped into a motorcycle parked along the footpath in front of Rayong Hospital, Sukhumvit Road, Muang, Rayong Province until the motorcycle crashed. A total of 34 locomotives on December 8 the past.

By the authorities to check the alcohol content of up to 149 milligrams, and therefore charged with driving while drunk And through the traffic lights Causing the property of others to be damaged Therefore detained the prosecution under the law Which has already used bail securities

Recently, “Coach Nui” Chalermwut Saengaphon, head coach of the Royal Navy, revealed that on December 9, the United States did not practice with the team. By the manager of the team, according to the story, which was discussed with the mother of the United States.

However, the club is not silent. And talked to all players in the team that the following must be careful. Must not be careless And must be subject to strict rules

In the event that after this incident the stage has to be terminated with the player’s contract at all or not The answer in the corner of football If you have to cancel the contract at all It should be a shame in the ability of football. It seems to stop a child who has a future in football.

“This is the wrong story about the accident. But the case is said to go according to the case Football is another matter. I think his younger brother must think. It reflects that football people know that they can not do this as well.

We understand the mood of the young players. Considered a lesson In the midst of various attacks, after which we gave him He is still in football society. Today, I have become a disciplined player. Is also a champion So we have to give the players a chance. But need to call to adjust the attitude to talk to each other is regretful rather than disadvantage Especially about football “

Coach Nui said, “If it is wrong, then it must be wrong. I did not take sides with the child. If true, it would be a matter of club measures Management should have penalties. Probably probate Or what? It also depends on the club’s management. But if asked if I have to cancel the contract at all I think it will cut the future of children too. “


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