Coach Tia is fed up with Shark Chon and is having problems with shin sprains. Reluctant to push down – Khaosod

Coach Tia collects Prasert, the head coach of Chonburi. Very frustrated, Shark Chon encounters a problem with the players being hurt together. We must push into the game field to kill Lamphun

Coach Head Coach Tia Chum Popprasert “Shark Lakes” Chonburi FC took the team to open the house to kill it. “White Cow King” Lamphun Warrior and still 3rd on the scoreboard

Chonburi Head Coach It was said after the last meeting that “Each game, the format of each game is different. Like this game, Lamphun, it focuses on defensive games and waiting to counterattack. and we were already learning to change playing tactics as we guessed each other Which children might not be good at the tactics in this game But after adjusting in the second half Makes the game look more fluid, but there are still problems with the laxity of attention Make the benches stand and the fans in the whole stadium will be excited too.

“Actually, Dennis Murillo, as he is studying from the beginning, he is expected to return at the end of February. to be the most complete But now we have to take risks because the body is not there. As for Amadou Ottara, the muscles are quite tight and almost torn. We have to rest. Danilo Alves not sure if he can hold up next week and one (Chan Narong Phromsrikaew) had to push down in the team condition, now I have to admit that It’s quite chaotic. But in the end, I have to thank you guys. That makes this game go through another game because it’s a game where everyone expects us to get 3 points, having to say that there are 3 points we have to look at it first. As for the problem, it must be solved later. “

“Actually in this game, I think the fans on the pitch who watched the game today obviously saw Dennis Going down there’s a dimension in how it’s clear that unfortunately he’s trying for headers and shots . Maybe not the goal but it’s good to have him back on the field.

“We have to check again on the injury problem because Dennis also had to play until the end of time. Have to see if he gets injured again, it will be an issue in the next game. How complete is ours?”

For the next game program, Chonburi FC has a queue to prepare for the Thai League battle. Season 2022/23, match 19, visiting PT Prachuap FC at Sam Ao Stadium on February 11

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