“Coach Tia” is satisfied with the power of Shark Chon. Everyone is confident that the team is almost ready for the new season.

Chon Buri FC, head coach of Chonburi FC, confirmed that he is satisfied with the team’s strength at this time and the team is almost ready for the new season.

Khun Phon “Shark Chon” continues to practice during the season at the Chonburi FC Training Ground (Saphon Chon Buri) continually by “Coach Tia” through the news team. that I feel satisfied with the strength that is available at this time As for the availability for the 2021/22 season, the team is about 70% ready.

“So far I am happy with the players I have in the team. We still have one Junior Eldstall who will join the team for training on July 8 after the end of the season. Self-isolate”

“The condition of the team at the moment is about 70%, it will have to wait for a group of foreign players and a group of national team players. adjusting to our training better and in better physical condition Everything should be fine.”

“The same goes for the tactics and style of play we will use this season. We are working hard to get the old and new players to tune into each other and have a greater understanding for the new season.”



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