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“Season 01” is underway in Activision and Infinity Ward’s latest CoD series “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ll (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 / MWll)”. Also, in conjunction with the football world cup held in Qatar, an event to predict the results of the game has started.

Event related to “FiFA World Cup Qatar 2022”

In the world of football, there is a four-year festival called “FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022” will be held from 21 November. On November 23, the Japanese national team led by Hajime Moriyasu defeated the German national team 2-1.a historic come from behind victorywhich shocked the world, and the domestic SNS community also saw a festive uproar.

Modern for a Fair CPD Event
Accessible from the bottom of the main menu

On the other hand, even in the latest CoD series “CoD: MWll”, “Events of Modern Warfare” is held. Out of a real World Cup game,Predict 6 wins or lossesThat’s what it means.

Taking part is easy, just visit the relevant event which appears at the bottom of the main menu and cast your guess. When the prediction hits the mark,the country’s calling cardBGM battlea10000XPcan be obtained. A draw is considered a hit.

Preview screen
Currently in Group B, USA vs. England (on November 24, Japan time)

event rule

event rule
event rule. If your prediction is correct, you will receive a prize.
  • Predict the winner of 6 games during the event
  • Win premium prizes when your team of choice wins
    • national calling card
    • Country battle BGM
    • 10000XP
  • A consolation prize is awarded to the loser
  • If it’s a tie, both are considered hits.

Games eligible for voting will be unlocked in order. The expected hit reward will be distributed after the event is over.

Operator Bundles with Legendary Players Now Available

Neymar, Pogba and Messi as operators

Alongside the football event, an exclusive bundle will also feature football heroes such as CoD Operators. Neymar bundles are available now, with Pogba bundles launching on November 25 and Messi bundles on November 29.

Neymar Jr. Executive Bundle

neymar bundle
Neymar Bundle On Sale Now
  • “Neymar” operator skin
  • “Thrilling” Finishing Strike
  • Armament blueprint for “THE FEARED” submachine gun
  • Weapon Blueprint for “LONGBALL” Battle Rifle
  • “Sea Jewel” Vehicle Skin
  • Charm weapons “Neymar Junior 10”
  • “Speed ​​Boost” weapon sticker
  • Emblem “Jewel”
    • Price: 2400 COD points
  • Paul Pogba Executive Bundle: Released November 25th
  • Lionel Messi Executive Bundle: Released on 29 November

Another “COD Ball” event too?

You can play soccer in CoD Mobile (from Yanrique)

It seems that projects related to the Football World Cup are more than just match predictions and operator bundles.

As announced at the release of Season 1, the limited time event “COD ball mode” will appear in the future. More details are expected to be announced soon.

In “CoD Mobile”, which also hosts a football event, there is a strange little game where you actually play football. What kind of event will be in “CoD:MWll”?

“CoD: MWll” & “Warzone 2.0” November 22nd Update: Various functional improvements and bug fixes such as adding camouflage menu functions

  • Title: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ll
  • Publication date: 28 October, 2022
  • Applicable models: PS5/PS4, Xbox X | S/Xbox One, PC ( / Steam)

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Discord for Call of Duty
Call of Duty Official Site

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