Home News Collect a gang of gangsters chasing their teeth A half-aged 16-year-old is seriously hurt, reveals just being disgusted to sit at the local hut – fresh news

Collect a gang of gangsters chasing their teeth A half-aged 16-year-old is seriously hurt, reveals just being disgusted to sit at the local hut – fresh news

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Police officers arrested a gang Chasing a 16-year-old young man, revealing his dissatisfaction at the local hut He was stunned to mingle with friends and trapping his teeth in a terrible pain.

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On April 30, 64, Maj. Gen. Rutthaphon Naawarat, Ph.D., Provincial Police Officer, Buriram, assigned Pol. Colonel Nirun Kaewin, Deputy Chief of Police, Provincial Police. .Buri Ram Lt. Col. Siriwat Somkitsiri, Superintendent of Muang Buriram Police Station Lt. Col. Panuwat Makmool, Deputy Superintendent Muang Buriram Police Station Announcement of the results of the arrest A gang of teenagers who jointly assaulted and used a knife to tooth Mr. A (name fictitious), age 16, a Thai-French mixed-race youth was seriously injured while riding a motorcycle with four friends on the streets of Khok Khao Village, Samed Subdistrict, Muang District, Buriram Province. Date 27 Apr 64 ago

The arrested detainees consisted of Mr. Adisorn, 38, Mr Sinthon, 33, and Mr. Manit, 29, villagers of Khok Khao Village, Samed Subdistrict, Muang Buriram District. Who was a local teenager in the scene of the village With items in the middle of 2 motorcycles that were riding on the day of the accident And a samurai sword, about 1 meter long, was used to inflict the wounded youth.

From the investigation know that Accident night Victims Youth Group Taking together 3 motorcycles, including 4 people, went to play as a teenager. When we arrived at Khok Khao Village, Samet Subdistrict, they found a group of teenagers walking along the road. While riding through Mr. A Was one of the local teenagers hitting the back with a fist once without any cause, then Mr. A and a friend drove to the end of the village And took shelter from the rain at the hut at the scene of the accident

Later, a group of perpetrators followed in to park 2 cars, closing the exit of the victim group. In order to trap 3 friends who were able to escape in time to escape, but Mr. A was unable to escape, so the mobsters used a weapon, a knife, a 1 meter long samurai sword, cut into the arm, severely wounded deep into the bone. Until causing the car to fall down But the perpetrators followed, repeatedly stomping and pounding their teeth until they were seriously injured. From then, the perpetrators forced Mr. A Straddled his own motorcycle and pushed it to the ground behind the company Somboon Suk. Before they flee Then there was a good citizen who saw it and took it to a gas station and was taken to the hospital.

After the incident, police officers went to investigate those involved. And trace footage from surveillance cameras in nearby areas Until all 3 people were arrested, which the three perpetrators confessed that they had attacked Mr. A. Real bastard youth The reason was because he was not satisfied with going to hang out at the hut in Plai Na near the scene of the accident. Where the culprits, who are local residents, will go to mingle together with drinking and taking drugs Therefore causing physical harm and using a knife to teeth Insisted that just teach it, not the shift to death

The police then took the 3 accused to make a plan for the confession to the scene. Before being sent to the investigating officer to prosecute according to the law Initially, all three were charged with joint assault and causing serious harm to others, and two more were also charged with illegal possession of drugs.

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