Collect “Colonel Gae” Tin loan shark, claiming to know him at ministerial level: PPTVHD36

Arrest Colonel Kae Tun for borrowing money, claiming that the minister opened a way to invest in a double track railway. along with fraudulent investment, lottery quota before withdrawing money More than 20 million victims

Yesterday, police officers were making arrests. Mr Phan Thep Sakdin, aged 48, according to an arrest warrant in the Nonthaburi Municipal Court according to the Act on crimes arising from the use of cheques. And arrest warrants for other cases, both fraud cases and verification cases, totaling 9 arrest warrants at a house in Moo 6, Lat Sawai Sub-District, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province

Due to the fact that in the middle of 2021, Mr Phan Thepsakdin Committed to deceiving young victims Claiming to be a special rank soldier He graduated from the 19th military preparatory school, which is known to many ministerial seniors Along with showing their profile picture while n wearing an officer’s uniform

Accelerate the publication of legislation for children to receive the new Employment Act, reduce the tree, reduce interest, pay off debt faster

girl wearing clothes at home Drive a shield police car Society asks, is it appropriate?

Including also taking the victims to the Chulalongkorn Royal Military Academy to build credibility Before tricking into borrowing money many times In total, about 15 million baht, with a check to back it up. Claim to bring it to adults to open a way to invest in a double track railway

The accused also claimed that He himself has a lottery quota from the lottery. tens of thousands of copies to persuade young victims to also invest until after the break When finding out the truth from other victims following debt collection with the accused and starting to check the information Until he found out the truth that he had deceive

And when taking a check that the accused gave for more than 15 million baht to cash before it was found to be a bounced check so you have to file a lawsuit in court but the accused escaped until a total of 9 arrest warrants have were announced, a total of more than 20 million baht in compensation

When questioned, the accused denied further legal action was brought to the Nonthaburi Municipal Court

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