Collected all 9 people, conquered and raised 16 young men before making plans, claiming that they were not horse accounts, but had borrowed 3 hundred thousand and were not returning them.

Police bring in 9 suspects to make plans After invasion, kidnapping – capture of 16-year-old teenage girl, open horse account, demand return of hundred thousand

At 12:00 on September 20, at the Pak Kret Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, reporters reported on the progress of a group of able-bodied men attacking a young man named Mr. Worm 16 years old, went from a motorcycle repair shop in Pak Kret. Use of firearms to intimidate many eyewitnesses. Which comes up a black Toyota Fortuner car, license plate registration 5 Kor Por 7689 Bangkok. A Mazda car, black, 5-door, registration number 6040, Bangkok, fled.

Two shots were fired at members of the same group, injuring him to the ground. before being released on the side of the road in the freeway area Until the leader sent Mr. Fluke to improve. While members of the group who were shot were sent to the Irrigation Hospital for treatment, the police later arrested and confiscated them. It is expected to come from opening a horse account in an online business. Without returning the money, a group of able-bodied men of more than 3 hundred thousand baht invaded the money.

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lately Major General Peerapong Wongsaman Deputy Commissioner of Provincial Police Region 1 along with Maj. Gen. Wasan Techaakkarakasem The commander of the Investigation Center, Provincial Police Region 1, came to the Pak Kret Police Station to attend a meeting on the progress of the case in question. It took more than 2 hours to solve the case until the police arrested all 9 people in the movement and brought them to investigate at the Pak Kret Police Station.

1. Kittiporn Buonoi Mr Aged 39, the suspect on arrest warrant number 506/65 dated 18 September 2022 (a gunman shot a team member)

2. Paisan Manapakkawee Mr Aged 33, the person charged under warrant of arrest No. 507/65 dated 18 September 2022

3. Miss Anusorn Ritnarong According to the arrest warrant of the Nonthaburi Provincial Court, arrest warrant No. 511/2565 dated 18 September 2022

4. Settha Jirapanurak Mr According to the arrest warrant of the Nonthaburi Provincial Court, arrest warrant No. 510/2565 dated 18 September 2022

5. Anurak Decha Mr According to the arrest warrant of the Nonthaburi Provincial Court, arrest warrant No. 509/2565 dated 18 September 2022

6. Itthipol Ritnarong Mr According to the arrest warrant of the Nonthaburi Provincial Court, arrest warrant No. 508/2565 dated 18 September 2022

7. Bajaree Dejbun Ms

8. Itthimon Mr 48 years old

a 9. Surachai Phaityatat Mr 25 years old (injured from being shot by Mr. Kittiporn)

Reporters reported that Kittiporn, the 1st suspect (He caught the gunman) accusing him of trying to kill another person. Possessing climbing weapons and ammunition without authorization, taking firearms in towns, villages or public roads without permission and without urgent need, shooting without authorization in towns, villages or public gatherings. and keep or keep others or act in any way Let others be deprived of liberty in the body

Accused 2-8 be accused each other to rape others to do anything do nothing or give in to anything by causing fear that it will endanger the life, body, liberty, reputation or property of the person threatened or others or by using violence until the person under compulsion must commit such an act do not do so or yield to it by armed or by committing an offense together by five or more, jointly restrain or imprison others or act in any way Let others be deprived of freedom in the body, together with injuring others until they cause physical or mental harm to others, together with minors over fifteen years but not more than eighteen years from their parents parent or guardian The minors were unwilling to go with them.

Today, the police brought all the suspects to simulate the incident with the vehicle used to transport Mr Fluke.

During the planning and keeping The reporter asked Mr. Kittiphon whether or not the money Mr Fluke took over 3 hundred thousand baht was the money he borrowed to open a horse account. Mr. said Kittiporn No, it was his own personal money that Mr. Fluke and never returned. so enraged he led his party to carry and attack

Later, the Saimai group had to survive, bringing Mr Fluke, who had been released from hospital, to the Pak Kret police station where the police would not let those who suspect met. Because Mr. Fluke is still young. It must be questioned in front of the multidisciplinary again.

at 1:00 pm after completing the interrogation the police investigation team took all the suspects into custody. During that period, Mr. Kittiporn to reporters that Mr. Surachai knew him personally. In the clip, he was seen standing on the other side. Seeing him pull a gun, he had to shoot himself first, but he was in a different car with him. If he really shot his friend, he had to take his friend back. Mr Fluke gets him to drink vodka to tell him where the money is.

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