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<organizational innovation> Electrical safety managementfor connection to the damage insurance system

Sign a business agreement(Ministry of Industry-DBdamage insurance(main)-Electrical Safety Corporation)

Qualitative improvement of electrical safety levelthis Insurance discount a the value of architecture IncreaseLead to virtuous circle model suggest

private operator(Owners of electricity facilities, etc.)oh Enable autonomous security managementSo, A prevention-oriented safety management system construction

Il-joon Park Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(under the Ministry of Industry) a loanmoney 12. 6(rage) Yeouido eroom center DBdamage insurance(main), Electrical Safety CorporationA safe living place for the people Control electrical safety to ensureA business contract not related to a life insurance systemheld a signing ceremonyAll.

Electrical safety managementA business contract not related to a life insurance system(MOU) Overview of the Ceremony

(date/Place) ’22.12.6.(rage) 15:00~/ eroom centre (Located in Yeouido, Seoul)

(attendees) vice minister of industryDBdamage insurance(main) vice president, President of Korea Electric Safety Corporation, etc.

(Main Content) Cooperation to ensure a safe living place for the people, Electrical safety managementUse a non-life insurance contact policy organization, Sharing electrical safety management information, etc.

today business agreementfacilities closely related to public life, such as multi-unit dwellings, safety to the target·Electrical safety building certification that evaluates efficiency and gives certification*class damage insuranceEstablishing a joint cooperation system, such as preparing organizational contact planssigned for.

* (Electrical safety building certification) Operated by the Electrical Safety Corporation self-certificationby, electrical installations in buildings security for, efficiency, After a comprehensive review of a facility, certification is granted if the criteria are met.

yes Accordingly, Ministry of Industry and DBdamage insurance(main), Electrical Safety Corporationsafe for the people Currently operated independently so you can enjoy a safe life electrical safety buildingcertificationsecond Link to non-life insurance systemSo give an incentivedo, relative electrical safety share informationhe decided.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has been building public living facilities, business facilities, About business facilities, etc. An electrical safety management system focusing on legal inspectionhas been operating.

ㅇ But, By this memorandum of, Area of ​​electrical safety and domestic non-life insurance systemcast by connecting private operator, Autonomous security management by building owners, etc.motivate, Hereby, the foundation for establishing a prevention-oriented safety management systemplans to provide.

If you have obtained building electrical safety certification, statutory obligation system Construction plan report and pre-use inspection simplify*So Legal audit time·cost reduction and moredo,

* The electrical safety building certification system has stricter standards than legal inspections(safety·Convenient·efficiency)As applied, Simplify the existing construction plan report and reduce time by reducing some pre-use inspection items

yes a private insurance company(DBdamage insurance)Yes Improved safety of electrical equipmentDepends on the fire insurance(liability insurance, etc.)oh Insurance rate discount applied Like give an incentivedo.

Ministry of Industry approximately 3one year of pilot operationthrough, Verify organizational and specialist effectiveness Collecting opinions through the back Expand the scope of the applicationdo plan to establishto be.

Vice Minister Park Il-joonmoneyThe link between electrical safety management and insurance system damage is electrical safety level improve qualitythis Insurance discount a increase in building valueLead to virtuous circle modelsuch as presenting A good example of creating synergiesHe said.

yes togetherInnovative in the future an ideahave, electricity·gas safety field a Other sectors and private industrydepartment CooperationThrough We will continue to lead the development of the national security industry by actively discovering creative systems..He said.

attachedElectrical safety managementInsurance system related business agreement(MOU) Main Content

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