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Including mobile phones, sales are a landslide, both in the New-entry group to the flagship model. Meeting the needs of the new generation in every segment with excellent features perfectly packed.

The year 2022 has passed and all kinds of businesses have started to move forward and compete intensely again. Including the IT market and smartphone products as well which in the past year Each camp has released dozens of mobile phones. Ready to leverage the innovation strategy to fiercely compete for market share throughout the year from realme (Realme) as the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand for the new generation. A variety of smartphones have also been launched. in order to comprehensively meet the needs of consumers in all segments

Today, realme reveals the list of smartphones that top the brand’s best-selling models in 2022 based on sales at launch. Including organizing campaigns through leading online store platforms such as Shopee and Lazada, all the models on the list are still the best-selling mobile phones in all distribution channels. with impressive design Powerful specification, worth it. It can be said that it is a group of smartphones that is popular across the years.

Including realme smartphones that have won the hearts of Thai consumers in 2022 (and so far), divided by series as follows

Let’s start with a flagship smartphone like the GT Series, where realme is full in all aspects, including specification, design, battery, which can be said to receive a charge every time it is launched. Let’s get started

1. realme GT Neo 3 and GT Neo 3T

realme GT Neo 3 and GT Neo 3T bring the spirit of the racetrack to fans with designs inspired by Formula-1 cars. and a checkered flag waving at the finish line, reflecting the fast and agile performance of the brand’s flagship. and not only fast to work But it also includes a SuperDart Charge 80W charging system that can charge 0-50% in 12 minutes. It also comes with a god-level display at Refresh Rate 120Hz with a dual speaker sound system that enabling you to enjoy entertainment and concerts All kinds The content can be filled with emotions.

For the realme GT Neo 3T model, it is still the #1 smartphone sales champion (Mobile Category category) during the “Shopee Super Brand Day” campaign last August. and it can still occupy the second highest sales continuously in the 10,000-14,999 baht price smartphone group for December as well

realme GT NEO 3 (8GB / 256GB) reflects the sleekness of the Racing Stripe Design, powered by the Dimensional 8100 5G Processor, sold at a price of 18,999 baht.

realme GT Neo 3T (8GB / 128GB) introduces a new design dimension with a checkered flag pattern. Choose to use the Snapdragon 870 CPU that runs all apps as fast as you want without interruption. Available at a price of 12,999 baht.

2. realme GT 2 Pro

The most premium flagship smartphone from realme, which brings new innovations, a world first in the smartphone industry. The first aspect is the design of Bio-Base polymer or biopolymer. Responding to the environmentally friendly production process is becoming very popular now. It was designed in collaboration with Naoto Fukasawa and beyond. For this Bio-Base polymer design, it also reduces carbon emissions by 63% per kilogram. Not only is it a premium design, but realme GT 2 Pro also comes with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, ensuring strong speed and no limit And it also has a Super Reality display with a resolution of 2K AMOLED, size 6.7 inches, pleasing the user perfectly in every aspect

And with the premium that comes at a good price, realme GT 2 Pro wins the hearts of users with a strong trend with a sale of 300 units within 1 hour and also breaks the record for the highest sale in the smart category .Phone price level 20,000 baht on online channels already.

realme GT 2 Pro (12/256GB) comes at a price of 24,990 baht.

Followed by the non-inferior Number Series model In the past year, realme has released several models of the Number Series, each of which brings a different impression. However, realme offers incredible value for money. Let’s get started

3. realme 10 Pro Series

The best smartphone in the highly acclaimed No. Series with realme 10 Pro + 5G, comes with a luxurious curved screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, machine design and ultra-thin screen bezel. The back cover is a beautiful hyperspace with one ultra-modern 3D light line design, and in addition to the premium design, it is also full of specifications. Provides the most fluid application. With an initial memory of up to 256GB, it can be said that it can be used universally without having to add additional memory cards. And another feature that is better than all the leading products on the market today is the 2160Hz PWM screen brightness adjustment technology, so it can display accurate colors at all brightness levels and is the most eye-friendly in the smart world and current phone!

With the excellent features mentioned above, it is not surprising that the Realme 10 Pro Series is ranked among the 2 best selling smartphones at the price level. 14,000-16,999 baht on the Shopee platform for last December.

The realme 10 Pro series offers two models, realme 10 Pro 5G (8GB / 256GB) at a price of 11,999 baht and realme 10 Pro + 5G (12GB / 256GB) at a price of 15,999 baht.

4. realme 9 Pro Series

The realme 9 Pro series is considered a smartphone that pleases photography enthusiasts a lot by being Capture The Light, which is considered a smartphone that comes with a flagship camera at a mid-range level. Coming together in 2 models, realme 9 Pro +, with the best camera in the same smartphone segment. Ready to pick up ProLight Imaging Technology, ready to be full strength with the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G processor chip and another version with realme 9 Pro, bringing the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G chipset in the same segment. and add up to 13GB of Dynamic RAM memory not only It also comes with a liquid cooling system, which allows realme 9 Pro to achieve higher performance.

And with the cost-effective specifications mentioned above, the Realme 9 Pro Series is still a strong and current smartphone. with a guarantee of winning the Smartphone of the Year 2022 award from many IT media It shows that the Realme 9 Pro Series is undoubtedly of value and can win the hearts of users.

realme 9 Pro Series offers 2 models, both realme 9 Pro (6/128) price 8,999 baht, realme 9 Pro (8/128) price 9,999 baht and realme 9 Pro + (8/256) price 12,999 baht.

Finally, with a small smartphone like the C Series, which is just as good, that’s because realme intends to provide cost-effective performance through smartphones of all levels. to cover users thoroughly

5. realme C33

One of the budget smartphones that dominates the hearts of teenagers around the world until it was hailed as Budget King as soon as it was launched with the realme C33, with a beautiful back cover design that is beyond to be described as a ripple effect that plays light from all directions Combining a body shape that is only 8.3 mm thin, making it an entry-level mobile phone that looks more luxurious than the price and has the most outstanding style in the same segment of smartphones. and continues to meet the needs of modern users with an advanced, fashionable camera with a resolution of up to 50 million pixels, with image processing using the new CHDR algorithm with many shooting modes, including Beauty, Super Night, HDR, Panoramic View , Portrait , Time-lapse and Expert Mode, which respond perfectly to all shooting needs.

In addition, the realme C33 is one of the few budget smartphones on the market that offers a battery capacity of up to 5000mAh and uses a 3-slot SIM tray with 2 SIM cards. You can add a Micro SD card up to 1TB! It’s a cool feature that even flagship phones don’t have.

The budget smartphone realme C33 is offered for sale at a price of only 4,499 baht.

6. realme C35

realme also offers an upgraded version from C33 to C35, adding many features. Both the innovative dynamic back cover design With a body design that is only 8.1 mm thinner than before, which is considered the thinnest model of the current series C. Past of the GT2 Pro brand, which has a resolution of up to 50 million of pixels with a wide aperture of / 1.8, helping to capture light and color details in all dimensions.

In addition, it also offers a screen resolution of Full HD, which is rare in mobile phones at the same price level. With a larger screen of 6.6 inches, which allows you to watch videos and other content more realistically and vividly. and still comes with other excellent features available in the C33 model, including a 5,000mAh battery, Dynamic RAM Expansion Technology (DRE) technology for multi-use Multitasking, and 18W Quick Charge

And with this accessible value, realme C35 is 6th among the best selling smartphones in South East Asia market. from the Canalys Report for the first quarter of 2022 as well

realme C35 is available at a starting price of 4,499 baht.

For this year 2023, realme will continue to offer high-quality smartphone products and AIoT devices to continuously cover the needs of all groups of users. Realme fans can follow the latest news and product launches. Through the Realme Official Facebook Supporters page or see more official information on the realme website

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