College Basketball Classes: The Duke closes to Virginia in the Top 25 and 1 after a series flow

Duke took regular seasonal brush at Virginia on Saturday to improve 22-1 overall, 9-1 in the ACC. And, yes, the result of this product is leaping the Devils Blue over the Fleeters in Sunday's day-to-day college basketball ratings, Sports Top 25 CBS and 1 daily basketball ratings.

But I'm still holding a Duke about Tennessee and Gonzaga.

And, I understand, that decision has nothing to do with the Blue Devils – which is definitely awesome. That is just I do not believe that Tennessee and Gonzaga have done anything to fall under the Blue Devils. So, the four teams in the top four of the top four on Saturday morning were the same four teams in the top of Sunday morning. They are just in a slightly different order. And if you rely, Tennessee is now No. 1 for 50th consecutive morning.

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