College Basketball Ratings: Kentucky, Michigan attends Top 25 and 1 despite wild loss

The Duke refused 23 points on the road to Louisville – and he still won a way. LSU hit Kentucky by Rupp Arena. And Michigan lost at Penn State (after the release of John Beilein for the first time since 1979).

So, Martin got a bit crazy, was not it?

What night!

And if you came here to see major changes, or any changes, in the 10 CBS Sports Top 25 and 1 daily college basketball ratings updated on Wednesday, you will be disappointed. Because I kept Michigan No. 5 and Kentucky No. 6 despite her losses on Tuesday night. And if you need an explanation, it's here: I do not believe that anyone about Kentucky or Michigan is still resuming to take forward either Kentucky or Michigan even after there has been a loss of both games in both Dublin and Michigan . I refuse to re-react one result in a season that is now three months old. I believe that Kentucky and Michigan will still be their seeds. 2 if the NCAA Tournament began today. And I prefer to have the top 25 and 1. So it does. If you want to claim free of charge about Twitter, if you like.

However, there is a movement in the ratings.

I jumped to LSU until the 16th, and Kansas State until the 18th, after both schools have received great talents (across Kentucky and Texas, respectively) on the road. As a result of these developments, coupled with Maryland moving to the 17th after a 70-56 victory over Purdue, Purdue, Wisconsin, Villanova, Virginia Tech and Florida State came to push them down, without any fault. And, yes, Tennessee is still No. 1 for the 53th morning after a row. The South Carolina Vols play on Wednesday night.

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