‘Collie’s number was not saved; But the first message was like this .. ‘| Kohli | Zampa


Sydney സ Australia leg-spinner Adam Sampa arrived in the IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore last year. Sampa has only had a chance in three matches this year. And took two wickets. But Sampa is not far behind in evaluating RCB captain Virat Kohli. In an interview with an Australian media outlet, 28-year-old Sampa Koli spoke out. Sampa’s main observation and experience is that Koli is very different from what he sees on the field.

In an interview, Sampa said that Virat Kohli sent him a message on WhatsApp on the first day he arrived in the UAE to play in the 13th season of the IPL. ‘I did not have his number on my phone. But the message was like someone I had known for a long time. It read: ” Here’s a $ 15 voucher for dining at a vegetarian restaurant in Delivero. It’s a very good restaurant. ” Kohli will be someone else after the match. ‘ – Sampa said.

He’s definitely not the one you see on the cricket field. He always brings his intensity in training and competition. He likes to compete. Sampa said he hates losing more than anyone else. ‘Kohli is the most’ child ‘person after the match. Sit on the bus and watch the video and laugh out loud. We often talk about coffee, travel, and food. ‘ – Says Sampa, a vegetarian like Koli.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is a very cultured person. Talking to him is fun for us. One night he talked to me about his travels through Nepal. He always talks to me about his new coffee machine. “Koli is a normal human being,” Sampa said.

Sampa also commented that Kohli has taken seven wickets in international cricket. Koli loves to bowl. He is the best player of all time. He has 43 centuries or something. His wicket is a great achievement. ‘ Sampa clarified.

English Summary: Kohli is not what you see on cricket field, he is chilled out guy: Zampa



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