Collin Sexton Sinks Nets with 42 Scores to Win Matchup with Cleveland Cavaliers Glory No. 2 Kyrie Irving-Basketball Count |

A series of clutch plays “I was confident in myself”

Collin Sexton performed best against Nets and against Kyrie Irving, the point guard who won the Cavaliers. Irving left the team for “personal reasons” and returned to the front for the first time in about two weeks. Sexton also missed about the same period due to an ankle injury, and this was the return match.

It was the first game in five games, but Sexton recalled that he was able to play with a fresh feeling, saying, “I didn’t feel good watching the game on the bench.” “It was a tough match, but I knew it before it started,” he continued fighting until the end.

The limited playtime after the injury may have lived at the end of a long game that was entangled with double overtime. In the game that could not be settled in 48 minutes, the offense power of Sexton exploded after entering the extension. Nets’ mainstay is playing too long and the legs are not strong, while Sexton has enough spare capacity. And he didn’t hesitate to Kylie, who matches up mentally, but rather aggressively surpassed.

“I was confident in myself and my teammates continued to trust me. Thanks to everyone saying,’Hard work will definitely pay off, so be prepared.’ So tonight, I listened to the words of my teammates and coaches and played, “remembers Sexton.

Sexton wasn’t the only one to play well. Larry Nance Jr., Jeddy Osman and Isaac Okoro did not drop their level of hard work after playing for more than 43 minutes and competed with Netz’s talent to the end. Jarrett Allen, who broke the rhythm of “Big 3” with a strong block shot, Taurean Prince, who persistently sank a shot until the explosion of Sexton and connected the score, and two people who came to the cabs in connection with Harden’s trade are also Nets He showed a sighing play to the fans.

The Cavaliers don’t have a superstar to represent the NBA, but they have good materials. Sexton, who succeeds Kylie’s second cabs, is the leading stock, and is likely to step up with this match, which scored 42 career high points while matching up with Kylie. The Cavs have had a terrible two seasons with 19 wins and 63 losses and 19 wins and 46 losses after leaving Lebron, but this season they have been fighting well with 7 wins and 7 losses.

In the cabs, Kevin Porter Jr., who grew rapidly last season, has just been expelled from the team for causing problematic behavior. The team that moves forward despite various troubles wants to use this victory against Nets as an opportunity to emerge. However, he will also fight Nets in the next match, which is one day in between. Can you win in a row against the NBA’s hottest team right now? Also, can Sexton produce results in two games in a row? Keep an eye on the second round of the Cavs vs Nets.


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