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Colombia deploys 22 helicopters and 500 troops in ‘Operation to arrest drug lord’

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South America’s largest cocaine trafficker
The U.S. State Department offers a $5.8 billion bounty
US-British intelligence agencies tracked by satellite

Colombian drug lord Dairo Antonio Usuga, center, for whom the State Department has offered a $5 million bounty, stands in handcuffs at a military base in Nekokli, northern Colombia, after his arrest by Colombian police and police in a joint operation on the 23rd. . Nekokli = AP News

Colombia’s ‘drug king’ has been arrested. According to the BBC on the 24th, the Colombian government captured Antonio Usuga (50), the leader of the largest drug gang, the Gulf Clan, in a joint operation involving 500 military and police officers and 22 helicopters. The best price for which the US State Department paid a bounty of 5 million dollars (about 5.8 billion won) after being charged with smuggling at least 73 tons of cocaine to the US between 2003 and 2014 is expected to be delivered to the US soon. Usuga, nicknamed ‘Otoniel (navel hair)’, was arrested on the 23rd in a jungle on the border with Panama in northern Colombia. It is known that the Woosoo family, who had been the subject of tracking for several years, did not come down to private houses and exchanged information only through letters without using a phone. His hideout was guarded in eight layers of 500 men. However, after 50 experts from US and British intelligence agencies persistently tracked his location with satellites, and a massive joint operation between the Colombian Air Force and the police, he was eventually caught. Besieged by the army, Usuga gave up his weapons and surrendered, handcuffed to a helicopter and dragged out of the jungle.

Usuga has about 1,200 armed troops as its members. According to Toby Meuse, author of ‘Kilo: The World of the Cocaine Cartel’, the Gulf Clan, led by Ussuga, is the largest cocaine smuggling organization in South America. The Gulf Clan engaged in drug trafficking, human trafficking, and illegal mining, and the Colombian government has been tracking the best prices since 2016 with a 3 billion pesos (about 900 million won) bounty. Thousands of police and police have been mobilized over the past five years to apprehend Usu, according to the BBC.

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