Colombia plane crash: Four children found alive in the Amazon 40 days later

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Colombian army releases photos of children found in the jungle

Four children who survived a plane crash in Colombia have been found in the Amazon jungle weeks after the crash.

Colombia’s president said “the whole country rejoices” with the rescue of the 13-year-old, nine-year-old, four-year-old and one-year-old siblings.

The children’s mother and two pilots were killed when a light plane crashed in the jungle on May 1 last month.

A large-scale rescue operation involving dozens of soldiers and local residents was carried out to find the missing people.

President Gustavo Petro said it was a “magical day” to find the children. “They were alone, and alone they achieved an example of total survival that will go down in history,” he added.

“These children are children of peace today and children of Colombia,” he said.

President Petro released pictures of soldiers and members of the indigenous community caring for a brother and sister who had been missing for 40 days.

The president of Colombia also said that the children are being treated and that the children’s grandfather is delighted that “Mother Jungle has returned them.”

The children were flown to the capital, Bogota, where ambulances took them to hospitals for further treatment.

The children were taken by plane to Bogota, the capital of Colombia, and from Bogota to the hospital by ambulance for further treatment.

Before the accident, the Cessna 206 plane carrying the children and their mother was on a May Day distress call with engine failure en route from Araracuara to San José del Guaviare in the state of Amazonas.

The Colombian Army found the bodies of three adults at the crash site, but it appears that the children escaped the wreckage and wandered into the rainforest to seek help.

An extensive search was launched and rescuers managed to retrieve items the children had left behind over the past month, including water bottles, scissors, hair ties and makeshift shelters.

Small footprints were also found, leading the search team to believe that the children are still alive in the rainforest, which is home to jaguars, snakes and other predators.

The children come from the Huito Aboriginal people, who hoped that the children would increase their chances of surviving fruit and jungle.

Aboriginal people took part in the search, and the helicopter broadcast a message from the children’s grandmother recorded in the Huitoto language, asking them not to move so they can be easily found.

Colombia’s president came under fire last month when he falsely announced that the children had been found on his Twitter account.

He deleted the tweet containing the misleading announcement the following day, saying that the information provided to his office by Colombia’s Child Welfare Agency could not be confirmed.

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Soldiers taking pictures with rescued children


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