Colombian Army continues search for missing Amazon rescue dog hero Wilson: PPTVHD36

The Colombian army continues to search for Wilson, a heroic rescue dog who disappeared while searching for a child in a plane crash in the Amazon.

The Colombian Army said Now the goal of the search mission is “Wilson”, the Belgian Shepherd rescue dog hero A 6-year-old child who took part in a search for four indigenous children lost in the Amazon after a small plane crash earlier this month. Last May

Colombia’s military chief told a personal press conference that the mission was not over despite the boy’s findings on Friday, with the military now deploying 70 more troops to continue the search, although Wilson had been missing for more than two years. a week

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The Army Chief promises that the Army will not abandon Wilson. and believed that before It is possible that he found the children before the rescue team arrived.

One of the search teams Christian David Lara Wilson was looked after by a trainer as a puppy.

As for Wilson, he was involved in the search from the earliest days. He was a rescue dog who found a baby bottle in the forest. It was about 4km from the plane that crashed, which was one of the clues that led officers to believe that the children were still alive.

Wilson’s story caught the attention of Colombians. and a social world that is united in the hashtag #ComeForWilson, #OneIsMissing and #WilsonNationalHero To praise his courage and encourage him to see Wilson soon.