Colon and rectal cancer patients suffer from this common disease. Doctors name “1 habit habit” as fatal-Health-China Times News

Studies have found that prolonged sitting increases the risk of cancers such as colon and rectal cancer. (Schematic/Shutterstock)

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s latest cancer registration report, the number of new cancers in 2019 increased by 725 compared to 2018, and colorectal cancer ranked first among the top 10 cancers for 15 consecutive years. , said that most people pay attention to diet, family history, but it is easy to ignore living habit, that is, sitting for a long time Studies have found that increasing the sitting time by 2 hours a day will increase the risk of cancer, such as an 8% increase in the risk of colorectal cancer Remind the public to get up and move around every hour.

Chen Weiyou, a colon and rectal surgeon, said on his Facebook page that the number of cases of colon and rectal cancer in Taiwan is increasing at a rate of 4% per year, and that there is a tendency to get younger. r risk factors for colorectal cancer include family history, which is often mentioned, As well as obesity, smoking, excessive intake of red meat, and insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables, it is actually associated with habit live, that is, sit for a long time.

Colorectal cancer patients have this common problem (Photo/Chen Youling)

Studies have shown that an extra 2 hours of sitting time per day increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 8%, endometrial cancer by 10% and lung cancer by 6%. There are 4 factors affecting health caused by sitting for a long time, including 1. It is easy to induce constipation, and the inflammatory substances in the body cannot be metabolized and excreted, which is easy to induce cancer; 2. Increase the chance of obesity, and obesity is one of the reasons for the high risk of cancer; 3. Lack of vitamins D. The sedentary work style reduces the time to go out relatively, which is not conducive to the synthesis of vitamin D, which can protect the intestinal tract and reduce bowel cancer.

Chen Weiyou reminded that for the sake of health, people should remember to get up and move around no matter how busy they are at work. Try to get up and walk around every hour, and you can also replenish water by hand.


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