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Colorful Gen Z in Myanmar protest

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Amid the tense political situation in Myanmar That there are still ongoing protests But still colorful, the new generation of Gen Z came to protest movement. While the Myanmar Army More than 23,000 inmates issued on the occasion of Union Day Feb. 12.

Today (12 Feb 2021), the atmosphere of protest is still taking place across Myanmar. After the coup since Feb. 1 ago Especially government officials who have joined the protests, which today police are trying to detain protesters against the coup. In the Mon state town of Mawlamyai, the crowd arrested a protester who was sitting on the ground. Before dragging the protesters out in the end

Myanmar Red Cross officials said police fired rubber bullets. To try to dissolve the assembly in Mon state Cause at least 3 people injured.

While the atmosphere of the protest in Yangon today There are still protesters marching. In addition, a group of protesters in Yangon also gathered in front of the Chinese embassy for the second day. To express his displeasure that China did not join in condemning the military coup.

Government officials in Naypyidaw Continued to protest the coup. Ignoring the demands of Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the commander in chief Asking government officials to be neutral Refrain from giving up protests and returning to normal duties.

Myanmar Army releases inmates on Union Day

On this day the Myanmar Army The release of more than 23,000 inmates, including 55 foreign inmates, was issued on the occasion of the February 12 Union Day, creating an atmosphere in front of Insein Prison in Yangon. Bustling with lots of relatives waiting to welcome

As hundreds of Myanmar people gather in front of parliament in the Australian capital Canberra. To show strength against the coup in Myanmar And urged the military to quickly restore power and democracy to the people

Colorful Gen Z in Myanmar protest

In the middle of a tense political situation Most of the Myanmar protesters are young people. Moving Along with a variety of creativity It creates a picture of the anti-coup protest in a very new and seldom seen anywhere in the world.

Movie fans in Yangon have flocked to the military and army. By wearing a soccer jersey and a label meaning Competing supporters of football teams Come together as one in this fight for democracy

In addition, a group of doctors in white gowns marched down the streets of Yangon. Among the public’s attention to the anti-coup

The new generation, or Generation Z, born after 1995, has been the driving force behind this protest. Resulting from yesterday The protests in Yangon were colorful and diverse.

By protesting at one point in Yangon A group of teenagers flocked to play ukulele. Along with the anti-coup movement To communicate that Military dictators cannot control them. And they will continue to protest in all means based on peace and tranquility. To be different from others Been doing it in the past

As well as a group of fortune tellers and shamans Dressed in colorful clothes Come together to sing and shout messages against the Myanmar army as well.

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Social, follow the Myanmar coup #SaveMyanmar

The list of important figures in Myanmar expected to be detained by the military has been opened.


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